TikTok Is Disturbed By A 'Do Not Feed The Employees' Sign At Domino's

Those of us who have spent any amount of time on TikTok know all too well that fast food chains like Domino's frequently appear on the "For You" page. Sometimes, it's a Domino's workers' dance routine – which may or may not be why your pizza is late. Sometimes, it's the workers' rights violation that is Domino's Survivor Driver challenge. Sometimes, it's a Domino's-pizza-turned-gourmet-meal transformation we didn't know we needed.

The point is, TikTok has too many Domino's-related clips to count. Some are good, some are bad, and some fall somewhere in the middle. For the most part, it's all fun and games. Well, at least until the joke gets taken a little too far. One TikToker recently went viral after sharing one Domino's restaurant's idea of a funny sign. Unfortunately, for all parties involved, the sign seems to be considered by general consensus as being of poor taste.

This Domino's joke fell flat on TikTok

A Domino's customer recently shared on their TikTok a clip of a sign reading, "Please do not feed the employees." Although the Domino's location that posted this sign presumably meant it as a joking reference to similar signs at a zoo, not everyone found it amusing.

As Daily Dot points out, countless TikTokers — especially those who have worked in fast food – were upset by the sign, joke or not. One former manager commented, "You're not allowed to be seen eating and if you're above the age of 18 you get no breaks." Another person wrote, "My friend worked there... I'd always call in orders when she was low-staffed so she could get the pizza I didn't pick up so she could eat."

That being said, others had far better experiences, saying that they were allowed breaks and food while working at Domino's. Regardless of the working conditions, most TikTokers could agree on one thing: "Even as a joke, it's disgusting."