Kim Kardashian Gets Her Elaborate Gingerbread Houses From The Solvang Bakery

When Kim Kardashian isn't sharing her life in her family's Hulu show, she gives fans an inside look at her life through her social media accounts. Fans have been treated to tours of her walk-in refrigerator, complete with a frozen yogurt machine and drink fridge (per People). Fans were treated to an inside look at her unique home when she shared it in a video with Vogue. Her design aesthetic embraces minimalism and neutral colors, and you'll find white fuzzy chairs, to match her white marble kitchen countertops. She goes to great lengths to make sure everything matches, so much so, that she even chooses white cheddar Cheetos to match her home.

When it comes to the holiday season, Kardashian manages to incorporate festive elements while keeping her neutral palate. According to Today, in 2019, Kardashian displayed white whimsical Christmas trees throughout her hallway. Not wanting to outdo herself, this year, she displayed four full-sized trees decorated with white twinkle lights outside of her floor-to-ceiling window in her bathroom (via US Magazine). While much of her d├ęcor is like something out of a movie, Kardashian does incorporate decorated gingerbread houses, though we doubt these resemble anything like the barely standing ones found in our home.

These are edible works of art

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to show off her five beautifully crafted gingerbread homes. The custom-designed gingerbread houses were made by Solvang Bakery, a Danish bakery out of Solvang, California. Kardashian's mom gifted the family the largest house, complete with Santa enjoying cookies by the fire (via People). The other four houses were as unique as each of her children's personalities, which makes sense, given each kid chose how their house was decorated. While all of the kid's houses had a different theme, each house had name tags with the kiddo's "bestie's" names.

Even if you are not a Kardashian, you can purchase one of the over-the-top creations. Solvang Bakery sells their Christmas Collection pre-made gingerbread houses anywhere from $245-$1,695. The houses can be shipped nationwide and last for up to eight weeks (though we'd be devouring it well before then). If a custom-made gingerbread house isn't in the budget this year, there are several, more affordable DIY kits to choose from. If you want to build something lavish, Costco sells a gingerbread mansion, as well as other DIY kits (per Krazy Koupon Lady).