The Funny Way Kim Kardashian Chooses Her Cheetos Flavor

Kim Kardashian is notably known for her love life and fashion-forward closet, but loyal fans are also up to speed on her home decor. Fans of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or the new Hulu series "Kardashians," are very familiar with the reality TV star's all-white, minimalist design preferences. Her walls, furniture, and decor are bathed in shades of white and beige. She even dabbles in an all-white Christmas theme from time to time, per Today.

Fans caught a small glimpse into the reality star's monochromatic kitchen and dining area during a virtual appearance on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," on April 15 (via People). From the couch and cushions that Kardashian was propped up against to the rose bouquets and floating shelves, almost every nook and cranny in the room was a shade of white, which Ryan Seacrest deemed "very zen." TV host Kelly Ripa called it a "creamy dream," and we couldn't agree more.

Even though her kitchen looks flawlessly unused, rest assured Kim Kardashian does know how to cook, and she likes to snack, too.

White hues for everything

Taking in the white abyss of her kitchen, Kardashian joked that her kids were stuck in a different room to avoid any possible on-screen spills or messes. This naturally led Ripa — who claimed her family would never be able to pull off an all-white home — to ask Kim how she manages to keep her home crisp white. The TV Personality teased that even her Cheetos flavor is dedicated to fitting the theme of her home. She said, "Thank God for white cheddar Cheetos instead of the orange Cheetos. I had to switch." One thing's for sure, Kardashian always stays on brand. 

According to Poosh, Kardashian's kitchenware collection grew with the addition of more white-hued and ceramic fixtures. The KWW Beauty founder bought brand-new, custom-made white teapots with gold accents, light-wood organizers, and shelving to hold a variety of snacks. If you look closely, you will see several white-colored munchies like Pirate's Booty, rice cakes, and sea salt and vinegar kettle chips. Unlike her Cheetos, however, not all snacks in the Kardashian household are white. She keeps her pantry stocked with colorful snacks, too, such as Goldfish, pretzels, and GoGo Squeez.