The Best Macaron Delivery Services Of 2023

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Since you're searching for the best macaron delivery service, we're going to assume you already know the difference between macarons and macaroons, and are on the hunt for the sweeter, more colorful, and far more exquisite of the two dessert bites. Encountering these delicacies was once something of a struggle. They're not exactly easy to make at home though you could try following our foolproof macaron recipe. Still, it requires plenty of patience, practice, and equipment. Macarons are fragile and for a long time fans were left with little option but to hunt down specialty pastry shops.

Fortunately, in addition to plenty of macaron bakeries popping up across the country, the rise in macaron fever has led to advances in shipping. You can now order these morsels directly to your door with little worry. As with all baked goods, some bakeries are better than others, and many specialize in an element or two of the process, making them particularly appealing to specific audiences. To help you sort through the options as you plan your personal indulgence or top-tier gifting, we've narrowed the field and sorted the crème de la crème by their greatest qualities to bring you the best macaron delivery services of 2023.

How we chose the macaron delivery services

Above all, taste and texture come first. No one wants to bite into a gorgeous macaron and have it crumble away flavorlessly. Having identified our list of quality bakeries that consistently deliver on taste and texture, we narrowed the field by looking at presentation, including the macarons themselves, packaging, and shipping materials. These are delicate creations, and shipping considerations are key for successful home delivery, so we weighted this heavily.

With our top bakeries selected, we began sorting through their differences to determine where each one shined. Once we had a general sense of our categories defined, we turned to baking pros and wedding and event experts for further insights on quality. We also assessed reviews from verified customers for a wider net of first-hand accounts of both consistency and delivery. The result is a confirmed list of the best macaron delivery services of 2023, categorized based on your main needs. Bon appétit!

Best overall macaron delivery service

French cuisine is famous for the exacting standards that make it easy to judge whether or not a dish is made well, and French baking is no different. So, if we could only judge a macaron by a single standard, it would have to be how French it was. French-born husband and wife Anthony and Yami Rosemond told Business Insider they brought their expertise to America specifically to launch a macaron delivery service that would bring true French pastry to U.S. homes. It's called Pastreez, and we're in love. Their ability to reproduce this hard-to-make morsel in California without sacrificing any of its inherent Frenchness, and without charging an absolute fortune for these often-expensive bites, is the primary reason we find them to be the best overall option for home delivery.

Yes, we've eaten more macarons than a person ever should, but you don't just have to take our word for how good Pastreez macarons are. Amazon verified purchaser Kathy Walker comments that she never liked American macarons before trying Pastreez. She describes them as feeling and tasting like the quality bites she first enjoyed in Paris. We agree — Pastreez macarons are top-notch and won't break the bank, with 12-packs selling for less than most other quality macaron bakeries.

Purchase 12 macarons from Pastreez for $32 as of May 2023.

Best budget macaron delivery service

Okay, we're not saying macarons from Macaron Parlour are cheap — most macarons aren't, and if you do find cheap ones you should probably avoid them — but these macarons are less expensive than many of the brand's competitors within the quality market. Plus, they come with plenty of positives that could easily make them considerably more expensive. Macaron Parlour's two dozen flavors are colorful and inventive (hello, Cheetos!), and there's no added charge for choosing your own variety.

Trip Advisor reviewer Cyrus G raves that Macaron Parlour is the best macaron bakery in New York City, a city of myriad options, including bakeries that regularly fly macarons in directly from Paris. Yelp reviewer Melody Ai A. says even the vegan varieties here are perfect. She orders boxes of macarons from Macaron Parlour as gifts, attesting to their ability to withstand shipping without incident, despite the relatively low cost.

Purchase 12 macarons from Macaron Parlour for $33 as of May 2023.

Most legendary macaron delivery service

If you're already a fan of macarons, you don't need us to tell you that Ladurée is the world's most iconic macaron bakery. Thankfully, you don't have to go all the way to Paris or even to a major U.S. city to find them anymore. Ladurée delivers, giving you easy access to the most legendary macarons whenever your heart desires — though you'll pay handsomely for the privilege.

Are they worth it? Washington Post reviewer Becky Krystal determined that with more than 100 years of experience, the brand's macarons were worth every penny. They came out on top in appearance, texture, and taste, the three categories she found most important in judging macarons. YouTube baking pro Bake Toujours agreed, describing Ladurée macarons as super light and crispy with plenty of flavor. 

In addition to what is possibly the perfect macaron, you or the lucky recipient of your good taste will enjoy the picture-perfect packaging almost as much as the pastries themselves. Feel free to reuse it to store trinkets, jewelry, or other little treasures worthy of an elegant box fit for Marie Antoinette; face it, that's the movie that made macarons hot again in the first place.

Purchase 12 macarons from Ladurée for $47 as of May 2023.

Best macaron delivery service for holidays and events

Whether you're gift shopping for the winter holidays, a birthday or anniversary, or even just preparing for a themed party, macarons are festive and can easily be personalized by a good pastry chef. Dana's Bakery creates delightful macarons featuring corporate logos, personal slogans, and even your own favorite patterns or designs. Happy customer Mikaela Kirby confirms they've been able to ship custom orders in perfect condition even with overnight delivery. Another satisfied customer says Dana's Bakery was also able to handle custom packaging, including personalized notes for each employee in her corporate gifting order.

But it's not just the ability to personalize macarons that makes Dana's Bakery the best delivery service for holidays and events. The company is already prepared with festive collections for life's more common celebrations, like Christmas, Hannukah, weddings, gender reveals, and pretty much every commercial holiday on the calendar, making it easy to order the perfect gift set or party treat for any event. And of course, if you don't find what you're looking for, you can always customize your order at Dana's Bakery, ensuring you'll get what you need no matter the occasion.

Purchase a 4-pack of announcement macarons from Dana's Bakery for $16 as of May 2023.

Best macaron delivery service for gifting

For holidays, birthdays, or the classiest of thank yous, gifting a gorgeous set of macarons is a surefire way to show someone you care. Your recipient will be reminded of your appreciation each time they take a bite of one of these colorful creations (though it may not be long before the entire box is gone). When gifting, it's important to select a quality brand, and that doesn't always equate to the most expensive option on the market. We chose Olivia Macaron as the best delivery service for gifting due to its excellent quality, sleek packaging that will appeal to most recipients, and acceptable price point (it's not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive).

Though you may not think of a wedding cake as a gift, it surely is a generous gesture from a new couple to their guests. Wedding Wire reader Tara says Olivia Macaron macarons were a smash at her wedding, with guests raving about their quality and convenience on the dance floor. Fellow Wedding Wire reader Lexa comments they were delicious and popular additions to her bridal shower. Finally, Foursquare reviewer Güdfood Food Critics describes them as the ideal gift for a classy treat and praises the assortment of fun flavors offered by Olivia Macaron. Choose from the rainbow of options for general gifting or consider themed collections like the holiday or birthday box.

Purchase 9 birthday macarons from Olivia Macaron for $32 as of May 2023.

Best macaron delivery service for splurging

To be honest, we're not sure why Macarooz macarons cost as much as they do, but we can't deny that they're truly delicious. Macaron connoisseurs will certainly want to sample them, and while most of us won't exactly be buying a box a month at these rates, it's certainly worth the splurge at least once. Macarooz provides free shipping which is a rarity among macaron bakeries, but even taking this into account the prices are still steeper than most.

Let's start with that free shipping. Lest you think that means it may be shoddy, happy customer P H. confirms Macarooz macarons arrive in perfect condition, and the brand's 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can shop with confidence that you'll be happy with your purchase or the situation will quickly be remedied. Despite producing more than one million macarons every year, Macarooz still folds and fills every single one by hand, guaranteeing that each bite is exactly right. That level of quality certainly adds cost, but it's a quality worth paying for (at least once).

Purchase 12 macarons from Macarooz for $58 as of May 2023.

Best macaron delivery service for families

You may think the budget option would be the best macaron delivery service for families, as more mouths may require a more economical approach to indulging, but cost wasn't the only factor we considered in the case of macarons. Since we've already established that macarons are rarely cheap, we went for the next best thing: size options that fit every member of a dessert-loving family.

Macaron sizing may be fairly standard across most pastry shops, but Paris's Richart bakery offers mini macarons which bring both practicality and novelty. If you're shopping for your whole family and don't want to drop a few dollars per bite on younger ones who may not fully appreciate the delicacy of a macaron, mini macarons are a chance to share the love in a more cost-effective way. 

Though the macaron blog Mad About Macarons writes that minis are still not especially cheap, they agree that minis are a great value and just plain fun. Trip Advisor reviewer Lucy C found Richart macarons to be the best in Paris and suggests taking advantage of minis to snag as many flavors as you can — another fab perk for families with varied tastes.

Purchase 12 mini macarons from Richart for $27 as of May 2023.

Best macaron delivery service for subscriptions

If you become a superfan of any of the macaron bakeries on this list, rest assured that most of them offer subscription services, typically on a monthly basis. But if you haven't tried any of them yet and are already interested in committing to a subscription, we suggest you start with a membership in Ma-ka-rohn's macaron of the month club.

At just $27 per monthly 12-pack (a far cry below most of the other 12-packs you'll find from quality bakeries), this subscription delivers the bakery's limited-time flavors to your door every month so you'll never miss a new release. They're generally themed to the month or season, so look out for tasty treats like KitKat macarons in October and peppermint macarons in December. 

Yelp reviewer Britt C. says the packaging carefully protects each macaron so you won't worry about your deliveries each month. Meanwhile, Sweety High comments that the inventive flavors are as delicious as they sound. Best of all, Ma-ka-rohn typically releases two or three new flavors monthly, so you'll never be bored with your monthly delivery.

Purchase a membership in the Macaron of the Month Club from Ma-ka-rohn for $28 as of May 2023.

Most fun macaron delivery service

This was admittedly the hardest category to select for several reasons, chief among them what might be obvious: All macaron deliveries are fun (provided they arrive undamaged). To narrow down to one selection, we searched for macarons that were fun at every single level, and here's what we found.

Woops! macarons are as colorful as any other and come in a variety of flavors comparable to most bakeries. Still, there's something especially cheerful about each delivery of Woops! macarons that we think has to do with the brand's foundational ethos of striving to bring joy and warmth to the snacking public. From uniquely playful packaging for each product to customizable notes and sleeves for special deliveries, Woops! cares equally about warm smiles and happy bellies, and its customers can tell. 

Wedding Wire reviewers praise Woops! not just for its superb quality, but for the brand's insistence on providing personalized service to its patrons (essential for weddings but welcome any time). Yelp reviewer Robin B. agrees its dedication to delivering an impactful, personalized product is what really sets it apart, but we guarantee you'll have just as much fun ordering a standard box as you would if you customized it to the hilt.

Purchase 9 macarons from Woops! for $38 as of May 2023.

Best macaron delivery service for flavor variety

There are macaron bakeries that provide more flavors than the one we've selected to top this category, but we prefer quality over quantity, and you're sure to thank us for pointing you in Bijoux's direction. With just 12 flavors on offer at most times, each of Bijoux's handmade macarons appears as jewel-like as the brand's illustrious name, but don't be afraid to bite into them. We're here for the flavors after all.

Google reviewer Kim Fennell writes that eating just a single Bijoux macaron is a transformative experience, but we encourage you to take the advice of Yelp reviewer Tracy H., who suggests ordering the 12-pack to try every single flavor, especially if it's your first Bijoux experience. She describes the flavors as both complex and familiar, and we agree. Look forward to combos like rose cardamom, tangerine cream, and Earl Gray lavender. Why do chef Vincent Guiheneuf's flavors come out a step above the rest? We think it's because of his philosophy of using the best ingredients to create the best product.

Purchase 12 macarons from Bijoux for $42 as of May 2023.