Brandon Schultz

Photo of Brandon Schultz
Brooklyn, New York
Muhlenberg College
Food, Travel, Pets
  • Brandon is a food and beverage expert who's been covering the industry for nearly a decade.
  • His food coverage can be found in Forbes, Thrillist, Fodor's Travel, Global Traveler, and dozens of other international publications, both in print and digital.
  • He's the author of six books, including three cookbooks.


Brandon has been writing extensively about the food and beverage industry since he moved to New York City over a decade ago. He covers everything from restaurants and festivals to culinary history and entertainment for dozens of outlets including Forbes, Thrillist, Fodor's, and more, and he never tires of sampling in the name of research. An untrained home cook, himself, he's the author of three cookbooks, two travel books that include plenty of gastronomy, and one additional book that has nothing to do with food. If you ever need a favor, bring him bourbon or ice cream and he'll probably oblige.


Brandon studied biological psychology and anthropology at Muhlenberg College, which means he's well-versed in how food and the rituals surrounding it have shaped cultures and continue to impact individuals today.
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