The Movie That 'Made Macarons Hot Again'

Whether you're a history buff, someone who loves period films, or a Francophile, there's a good chance you've seen Sofia Coppola's 2006 flick "Marie Antoinette," in which Kirsten Dunst played the titular character. And if you're a foodie who can't help but notice the types of treats being dished up in any film or television series, you likely remember the delicate, pastel-hued French pastries that popped up in countless scenes throughout the film. And while Britannica clarifies that the French royal likely didn't actually say her infamous cake-centric catchphrase, Marie Antoinette is still synonymous with all kinds of sweet treats for many people.

In "Marie Antoinette," Dunst's character munches her way through a plethora of delicate French desserts, including macarons. As Entertainment Weekly specifies, the treats in the film were from the iconic French bakery Ladurée. What started as a Parisian shop in 1862 has since become a worldwide phenomenon, with locations in all corners of the world, from London to Bangkok to New York and beyond, per Truly Experiences.

In fact, the popular spot apparently sells more than 15,000 macarons every single day — and that's without a French royal's court to feed on a regular basis. Whether you're already a fan of the French treat or whether you haven't yet had the opportunity to try a macaron, there's no denying that the movie made them look gorgeous, decadent, and oh-so-tempting.

What Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola regret

It seems that seeing the French royal nibble away at those colorful pastries on screen inspired quite a devotion to the macaron, with audiences around the world scrambling to get their hands on a box. After all, while not everyone can lounge around Versailles in an ornate period costume, many people can grab a box of the jewel-like treats and sample a few flavors, just as Marie Antoinette herself did in the film.

Kirsten Dunst confessed to Entertainment Weekly in 2017 that one of her and director Sofia Coppola's regrets was not foreseeing just how enamored the public would be with macarons after seeing "Marie Antoinette." As she told the publication, Ladurée stores began appearing all over the place after macarons were highlighted so beautifully on the big screen. Dunst even encountered customers who told her that the entire reason they decided to purchase macarons was because of the movie. "Sofia and I kick ourselves; we should have invested in Ladurée after Marie Antoinette, because those stores popped up everywhere," Dunst said to the magazine. "We made macarons hot again."

And it's not just Ladurée leading the charge on macarons. As The Atlantic reports, the pricy Parisian treats, once only available in chic boutiques and upscale bakeries, can now be spotted in grocery stores. In addition to being available in a variety of colors and flavors, they're also naturally gluten-free, making them the perfect indulgence for those with gluten sensitivities.