TikTok Is Divided On Using A Hair Straightener As A Wine Opener

One of the most fun parts about TikTok is discovering new everyday hacks. During the pandemic, people watched countless TikTok videos for recipes, hacks, and DIY products. With so much free time, people could explore creative projects at home. Specific hacks, like the viral fried chicken hack, were not received with open arms. Conversely, other hacks that helped get free drinks at Starbucks or cheaper food at other fast food places were often some of the most popular hacks on the platform. However, not all responses to hacks were cut and dry. Some, like this new wine opener hack, divided viewers on the forum.

In the video, to remove the wine cork, they take a heated hair straightener and place it around the bottleneck. Eventually, we see the cork begin to rise until it can be easily removed. While it looked like a cool science experiment, the practicality of it spurred mixed reviews by commenters.

What's the worst that could happen?

Imagine being at a party, someone plugs up a hair straighter to open a bottle of wine. How would you feel? That was a question TikTok users answered when watching a video of the aforementioned wine-opening hack.

"This seems ... needlessly dangerous," commented one user. Another user echoed this sentiment stating, "yea, that's a good way to shatter the bottle, depending on how cold it is, to begin with."

However, not all responses were negative. "Omg, you freaking genius, you know how many times I've ruined my bottles of wine?" said one excited user. Another eager user expressed interest saying, "I'm definitely going to try that." In a back-and-forth conversation defending the effectiveness of this method and why the glass didn't shatter, one user opined, "Lol, thank you, girl ... it didn't, it's called science." No matter how you feel about the issue, the best hack videos always get tongues wagging. That said, always approach TikTok food hacks like this with safety at the top of your mind.