TikTok's Starbucks Hack That Can Get Your Drink For Free

Millions of customers pass through Starbucks every single day. According to USA Today, the famed coffee purveyor serves about 4 million beverages daily, from simple brewed coffee to a wide range of handcrafted beverages and iced tea crafted by baristas. With so many devoted customers, it would stand to reason that Starbucks hacks — aka tips and tricks to customize and optimize the menu — are easy enough to come by.

Since its inception in the 1970s, Starbucks has grown at an incredible rate. Nowadays, the coffee chain has more than 15,000 locations in the United States alone (per ScrapeHero). With 15,000 stores has come a massive following, and that following likes to tinker away until they find not only drinks they love, but ways to save a little money as well. The Starbucks secret menu became a thing years ago, but now TikTokers are teaching followers how to save some cash. One specific TikToker just discovered a way to get a handcrafted drink for basically free.

This TikTok hack will get you a handcrafted drink for almost nothing

The rewards program at Starbucks is a great way for regular visitors to save money. While the rewards program is a good deal, there are still additional ways to maximize your rewards. A TikTok user has figured out a way to get a handcrafted drink complimentary, but first, let's go over how Starbucks' star program is tiered.

Customers who use the app to pay for their Starbucks purchases receive two stars for every dollar they spend at the store (per the company). When customers accumulate enough stars, they are entitled to a free item, but not all items cost the same number of stars. 50 stars will get you hot teas and drip coffees, while handcrafted drinks and iced options will cost app users 150 stars. 

To get a 150-star item for free, you'll need to spend $75 in the app. A 50-star item will only set you back $25, but if you find regular tea or drip coffee boring, this TikTok hack was made for you. In a November 15 video, TikToker lyellgirl revealed that the app allows you to purchase a Caffe Misto for the same number of stars as a drip coffee.

A Caffe Misto is a half-brewed coffee and half-steamed milk. According to Bon Vivant Cafe, this drink is a close relative of the famed Cafe Au Lait. Any size Caffe Misto, including the Venti, will set you back just 50 stars — and added syrups are free, too.