The Unlikely Ingredient You Should Be Roasting Under Chicken

Do you love eating chicken? The answer is most probably a resounding yes. Vox reports that during Super Bowl in the U.S., people eat 1.4 billion chicken, and that's just counting the wings and drumsticks. And a whopping 8 billion chickens are consumed annually in the U.S. only, so chances are you are among them. And according to Taste, there are many different ways of preparing chicken. How do you like yours? Stir-fried, grilled, pan-fried, boiled, or roasted? 

Many people prefer the roasted version, usually made with a whole chicken. Due to the fact that there are bones in a whole chicken, it takes a bit longer to cook thoroughly, but the results can be extraordinary, especially when the chicken has been marinated before it's placed in a hot oven. And for the perfect marinade, you should always use an acid (often citrus or vinegar), an oil, and flavorings such as fresh herbs and spices (per Chicken). However, a roast chicken on its own is not that special without the tasty accompaniments. 

Ahead Of Thyme suggests roasting carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, potatoes, and asparagus along with your chicken for the best dining experience. Of course, you can also make macaroni salad, creamed spinach, or a variety of delicious green salads to serve as sides to your roast chicken. But there's also one unlikely ingredient that you should be roasting, just not with your chicken, but underneath it.

For chicken bread, place slices of sourdough bread under your chicken roast

Have you heard about chicken bread? No, we're not talking about the Pakistani recipe for braided bread stuffed with pulled chicken, mushrooms, milk, cream, and spices because that's an entirely different thing (via Bakecellence). Chicken bread in the U.S. is actually a trick that's used while roasting chicken. 

Typically, a loaf of sourdough bread is cut into slices, layered in a roasting pan, drizzled with olive oil, and seasoned with a pinch of salt. After that, the chicken is prepared for roasting and placed on top of the sliced bread. You probably already know what happens next: as the chicken roasts, the flavorful drippings soak the bread slices. Over time, the bread becomes beautifully "toasted and caramelized" (per Epicurious). All lovers of meat drippings should feel as if they're in heaven. The bread develops rich, savory, meaty, and salty flavors in the process, giving you a divine experience on the palate. 

Oddly enough, chicken bread is served as the main dish, while the chicken is served as an accompaniment. And if you'd like to eat the chicken bread later, it can be used in BLT sandwiches or cut into cubes and mixed into fresh salads. And if you'd like to elevate chicken bread even further, add shallots and tarragon while roasting your chicken for even greater flavors, and then pair your meal with a healthy green salad on the side (per The Washington Post).