Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Divided On Its Peppermint Brownies

With the holidays approaching and so much focus on the holiday meal, it can be easy to overlook one little thing. Actually, not such a little thing: the holiday dessert. Just like Trader Joe's is full of great, affordable pre-made options to make your holiday appetizer platter a piece of cake, like pastry bites with feta cheese and caramelized onions and mini french baguettes to help you build the perfect charcuterie full of Trader Joe's cheeses, they've got great options to make your dessert spread easy as pie, too.

Bored of the board? Jump on its fun, festive relative, the dessert board. Throw on some artfully arranged dried fruit, chocolate covered pretzels, berries (be sure they're totally dry first so they don't get everything else soggy), unwrapped Reese's peanut butter cups or other bite sized chocolates, cookies, and whatever else your little heart desires for a dessert that gives everyone the options they want and packs an impressive visual to boot. Top it all off with a small bowl of some kind of sweet dip for presentation as much as anything else. Try yogurt with orange zest, hot fudge sauce, or chocolate pudding. Check out this Trader Joe's dessert board that became eye candy for Redditors for inspiration.

Potentially perfect for adding to that dessert board? Bite-sized morsels of TJ's seasonal peppermint brownies (per Instagram).

TJ's peppermint brownies

While these brownies may make the perfect seasonal addition to your holiday spread, Trader Joe's fans are divided on the minty treats (per Instagram). The peppermint brownies have white chocolate chips and a white ganache drizzle. To use them for your holiday board, TJ's-focused Instagrammer @traderjoeslist recommends cutting the brownies into fourths.

Fans and haters seem to have strong feelings one way or the other about these baked goods. Either they think they're delicious and can't get enough, or they think they're a little too minty. "OHH EMM GEE!! They were sooooo good!" says one fan, with one fan even saying she can't keep away from them, saying, "Just bought these yesterday. Already ate 2 today," while a hater says " I dont want my chocolate to taste like toothpaste YUCKIE."

On the whole, the fans who say they can't get enough of this mint, chocolate, and white chocolate combo far outweigh the two haters who both say the brownies taste like toothpaste.