This $65 Dollar Short Rib Sandwich Is Turning Heads

In today's world, there is no shortage of luxury items. We can purchase Lamborghini cars and Louis Vuitton purses, but the luxury market is no longer solely for products. Different types of ingredients and dishes can cost quite a pretty penny. Expensive foods, like black truffles and wagyu beef, can cost upwards of $200 per pound for the highest quality (per Meat Your Cheese). Over the years, chefs have gotten quite creative with ways to level up the price of an average meal.

In 2021, the world's most expensive burger was created at De Dalton's diner in Voorthuizen, Netherlands. According to Robb Report, the almost $6,000 burger was affectionately called "The Golden Boy," due to the buns being made from gold leaf. The beef patty is made from only the highest quality A5 wagyu beef and topped with a generous shaving of white truffles. As if that weren't enough, the burger is also topped with Iberico ham, king crab, and Beluga caviar. Though most people cannot afford such a lavish burger, the press it creates for the restaurant may be well worth the cost and effort.

Now in the U.S., another over-the-top sandwich is making waves for both its price tag and presentation.

A feast for the stomach and the eyes

Joy by Seven Reasons restaurant in Washington D.C. is making its own, expensive take on the fast food McRib sandwich. Their version of the beef sandwich, dubbed the "Colossal Short Rib," is made with a whole braised short rib. The weight of just the beef is around 2.5 pounds and the creator, Chef Enrique Limardo, says it's designed to feed two hungry people (per Washingtonian). The sandwich is served inside a large ciabatta bun, is covered with plantain butter, and is accompanied by a rich veal demi-glace (via The Washington Post). One single sandwich sells for $65, which is almost 20 times the price of a McRib, which sells for around $3.

Eating the sandwich is no small feat. Black plastic gloves are served alongside the ginormous sandwich to ensure hands stay nice and clean. Restaurant diners are sure to stare when the sandwich is being served, due to the sheer size and the giant knife sticking out of the middle. Chef Limardo says he wants to offer diners tasty food that is also fun. For those seeking a more manageable bite, Limardo's Latin-inspired menu offers up small bites of fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables.