McDonald's McBaguette From Emily In Paris Is A Real Thing

Season three of "Emily in Paris" hit Netflix on Wednesday, December 21. The show stars Lilly Collins as Emily Cooper, a marketing executive made to relocate after receiving a job offer in Paris. As fans watched the new season, they were intrigued when a French McDonald's on the show needed help from Cooper to roll out a new menu item: the McBaguette, per Fansided.

Admittedly, this sounded like a joke, as France to baguettes is like peanut butter to jelly. Baguettes are so popular in France that there are actually laws in place to protect their authenticity (via BBC Good Food). The Décret Pain, passed in 1993, states that traditional French baguettes must be baked where they're sold and made from wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast. No additives, preservatives, or freezing is permitted.

Though it may not meet the rules of an authentic baguette, the McBaguette is actually not a joke scripted for TV laughs, as it can be found on McDonald's menus all throughout France.

The McBaguette replaces a burger bun

The McBaguette was introduced to 1,228 French McDonald's stores in 2012, according to NBC News. The baguette is in the style of a burger topped with lettuce, Swiss cheese, and mustard, and the baguettes are called in from local bakers. Although it was meant to last a limited time, its popularity guided its permanent return to the menu. Per Fansided, the sandwich now comes in a beef and chicken variety, and the sandwiches are baked in stone ovens to keep the bread crisp.

Other non-French individuals were just surprised as you likely were when discovering the sandwiches' existence. Last year, a Redditer took to the platform posting, "Today I discovered that, in France, McDonald's serves McBaguettes," along with a photo of the product. "That looks so much better than what we get here dude," one jealous commenter wrote. I guess if you want to try the McBaguette that Emily Cooper is promoting in "Emily in Paris," you better start packing your bags.