The Rude Behavior To Avoid When Shopping For Vegetables

You may think you know how not to be rude at the grocery store. Don't push. Easy, right? Apparently, it's not that simple. There are many etiquette missteps to avoid when you're doing your grocery shopping. In fact, there are well over 13 things you may be doing at the grocery store that you didn't know are rude. 

Some of them you may already know, like not taking items out of someone else's grocery cart, per HuffPost. That one just seems obvious, doesn't it? It doesn't matter if it's the last bottle of your favorite hot sauce — just come back next week. Listening to music or watching videos on your phone without headphones also tops the list of rude grocery store behavior. While you might think your mix is on point, not everyone shares the same taste in music, and chances are very good that 80-year-old grandma shopping next to you isn't enjoying this. But there are behaviors specific to the produce section that are intolerably rude and you'll want to avid these actions at all costs.

Produce section no-nos

When it comes to the produce section, there are so many ways you can go wrong. As in any part of the store, blocking the whole aisle so people can't get around is not a good look, whether it's in produce or paper goods. Tearing off extra produce bags also gets people's goat — especially if you then leave your extras draped here and there about the produce section, per AllRecipes.

But one of the easiest supermarket faux pas to avoid is deadheading your veggies before you leave the store. It might seem like it's saving you time, but it's really leaving a mess somebody has to clean up after you. So no, don't separate your tomatoes from the vine, onions from their skin, or garlic from its papery shell before you leave the produce section. Plus, you're creating unnecessary waste. You can use those onion and garlic peels and green veggie leaves and tops in a classic chicken stock recipe (via The Farmer's Almanac). But don't throw tomato stems in that broth — according to Botanical Online, they're a nightshade and their plant parts are poisonous!