The Incredible Number Of Sandwiches Subway Serves Per Minute

If you've ever watched a Subway sandwich artist at work, you were likely impressed by how deftly they slice, stack, and slather ingredients with nary the bat of an eye. These are expert sandwich makers who know the tips and tricks of the trade. While most people are perfectly capable of whipping up a scrumptious egg salad on whole wheat or a tasty pastrami on rye, there are some sandwich secrets that the average Joe or Josephine simply hasn't learned. 

For example, do you spread your mayo, mustard, or other condiments directly onto the bread? Doesn't everyone? Well, according to Billy Strynkowski, the director of culinary wellness at Restaurant Associates, this is incorrect. As he explains to Insider, this can lead to a "soggy mess," particularly if you're constructing a sandwich to eat later. Instead, he suggests putting something like cheese or greens against the bread and then slathering your spreads on that. CBC goes a step further, recommending that you use the meat and cheese as a barrier to protect the bread from condiments and soggy veggies. 

Because there's much more to sandwich-making than meets the eye, you will likely be astounded by the sheer number of sandwiches that Subway serves in a day — and the numbers really are shocking. 

Subway creates 7.6 million sandwiches each day

According to Entrepreneur, Subway prepares roughly 5300 sandwiches per minute, a figure that the outlet says equates to about 320,000 an hour. While this number sounds impressive, it's really hard to picture what 320,000 Subway sandwiches look like. Perhaps this Insider 2014 stat will do the trick: Subway sells about 7.6 million sandwiches daily, which is enough subs to feed every single person living in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas!

Moreover, Insider posits that the astounding number of sandwiches that Subway sells each year could encircle the world 14 times over. Can you picture the planet with 14 sandwichy rings wrapped around it? This is truly an astounding fact. Clearly, the chain's sandwich artists have mastered the knack of building sandwiches with astonishing speed and efficiency without sacrificing what makes Subway sandwiches so delicious. With all this sandwich talk, you may now be hungry, so how about whipping up your own Subway meatball marinara to curb your craving?