Why Reddit Praised Subway's Sandwich Artists For An Extreme Order

When you order a sandwich at Subway (infamously a target of John Oliver), sure, you could order right off the menu, but you could also make your very own sandwich creation from scratch. Of course, the absurd number of combos you can make at Subway does often lead to some pretty strange orders.

According to a Reddit thread of weird Subway orders, one customer routinely ordered a footlong ham sandwich with olives. Pretty normal, right? Well, when we say olives, we're talking handfuls upon handfuls of olives. Another customer ordered a 6-inch sub with only condiments. Nothing else, just condiments. Yet another customer ordered frozen egg disks — never heated up, never with anything else.

Weirdness aside, we can appreciate people being able to order any kind of sandwich, and it's especially appreciated when sandwich artists (also known as the wonderful Subway employees) give an unusual order all they've got. One Redditor posted a special thank you for a sandwich artist after all their sub dreams came true.

A Subway dream: pickles, pickles, and more pickles

If you've ever ordered pickles on a sandwich, you know that restaurants are usually pretty stingy with the brine-cured cukes. Fortunately for one pickle-loving Reddit user, this was not the case when they ordered a "picklicious" sub from Subway.

According to their post, they included in their order description that they wanted the sandwich artist to "add a crap ton of pickles, more than any normal person would want." And boy, oh boy, did the sandwich artist deliver! Per the attached photo, the sandwich was absolutely smothered in pickles, making for one very happy customer. Plus, as Health points out, pickles may have "potential probiotic benefits."

In the comments, other Subway employees said they also "will 100% do [their] best to accommodate" orders requesting more veggies than recommended by Subway sandwich formulas. Another employee said they were always "more liberal" with the veggies so people could "get their sandwich's worth." So if you want unlimited veggies on your Subway sandwich, you can totally ask!