Padma Lakshmi 'Lives And Dies' By The Batch Cocktail

In the spirit of welcoming in 2023 with some pizzazz, Padma Lakshmi has taken to Twitter to share a recipe that she swears by when hosting a holiday party. And no, it isn't a traditional entree or appetizer — it's a cocktail.

In the past, Lakshmi has made it clear that she goes all-out on holidays and celebrations. The host of "Top Chef" has publicly shared her steps for preparing the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, and a clip of her eating an edible candle on her birthday received quite a response on Twitter. The New Year is no exception — and like she does with many other things, the celebrity chef celebrates each new beginning with recipes.

On her Substack, Lakshmi shared a recipe for Hotteok, or a Korean pancake, for Korean Lunar New Year, and not long ago, she showed her fans how to make her famous lassi board, which would be perfect to share around the holidays (via Seasonal Cravings). But this new recipe that she shared on her Twitter account is strictly for those 21 and over.

Lakshmi and her family can put this drink away

The "Top Chef" host calls this concoction — which is made of a mixture of lime juice, tangerine juice, grapefruit juice, pickle brine, and tequila — "Company Drink." In the video, which she posted to Twitter, she emphasizes that she doesn't typically use exact measurements. This especially applies to the tequila measurement, which her loyal fans know that she loves to use in her homemade cocktails.

Lakshmi states that this drink is often a huge success at holiday gatherings, saying that her cousins can put this entire batch cocktail "away." But she too states that she "lives and dies" by a good batch beverage, and ended the video by pouring herself a glass. She admits that transparently, her guests aren't due for a few hours, but that won't stop her from indulging in a serving beforehand.

Although the holiday party season may have just come to an end, this beverage is definitely worth a try during the remainder of the winter months, even into the summer.