The Sour Cream Chipotle 'Soup' That's Breaking The Internet

Most people are familiar with the disappointment associated with opening a big bag of Ruffles or Doritos only to find that the chip bag is half empty. While this is due to manufacturers' efforts to deliver fresher, more intact chips, fast food restaurants can also be known to provide underwhelming culinary experiences — but for reasons that are less understandable to customers. Whether you find a lack of lettuce in Chipotle's "saddest taco" or are given the shockingly sparse interior of the "saddest Doritos Locos Tacos" ever, feeling shorted after paying for a meal is no fun. But what happens when you get even more than you bargained for?

Well, one Chipotle fan found out, and it turns out that more isn't always more. TikTok user @_tiaramaria shared a recent video discussing her frequent frustration at not getting enough sour cream when she orders her burritos online. To remedy this, she changed her name for the order to "Xtra Sour Cream Pls." In what appeared to be Chipotle's retribution for its prior infractions, the customer was treated to a hefty helping of sour cream. After removing the tin foil lid, she saw the contents of her bowl quite literally swimming in sour cream, so much so that she named it "sour cream soup." Once social media got wind of it, users had a field day in the comments section.

It's hard to see the burrito bowl under all this sour cream

With over 1.5 million views, it's safe to say the video of "sour cream soup" from Chipotle got TikTok users in a frenzy. The original poster even questioned if she was being pranked, given the excessive amount of the condiment added to her burrito bowl.

One look at another customer's "saddest chipotle bowl ever" shared on Reddit last year, featuring a limited amount of every requested ingredient, and it becomes clear that @_tiaramaria's impulse to ask for more sour cream may have been justified. However, it appears that you should be careful what you wish for. "As someone who worked at chipotle... ppl really be wanting this much. ... When you seem serious about wanting extra, we serious too, cuz you never know," someone commented on the video, which now has comments turned off (via Daily Dot). Another Chipotle fan backed this up: "This is how much I want when I say extra," they said.

This hasn't been the only example of Chipotle overdoing it on the sour cream. One Redditor pleaded with fellow customers, "Bruh, why does every single location drench my burrito bowls with sour cream?" explaining they want a "normal" amount rather than the whole "dairy section." It seems best for customers to be explicitly clear when asking for toppings quantities, or to use a practical solution offered by another Redditor: "Ordering it on the side is probably your best option."