Why You Want To Buy Your Spices At Trader Joe's

Between the quirky gourmet offerings and friendly Hawaiian shirt-clad employees, Trader Joe's is an enigmatic grocery shop that folks just can't get enough of. That's at least in part because they offer a shopping experience unlike any other competitor. Trader Joe's manages to feel like a local corner grocer rather than a major corporate franchise, notes Forbes. That's thanks in part to the hand-written signs, crunchy organic offerings, and seasonal inventory shifts, which allow things to feel fresh and carefully curated. 

But one of the top reasons that keep people shopping at Trader Joe's, despite the fact that it has limited inventory and doesn't offer grocery delivery or pickup, is its prices, which remain shockingly low. And those savings aren't just imagined, says CNET. Produce and pantry staples alike run much lower than in major other grocery store chains. And one of the best places you can see these savings is in the spice aisle. 

Low prices for organic spices

Spices are often a very expensive investment for your pantry, but they can bring new, dynamic, and nuanced flavors to any dish, which makes a well-stocked spice cabinet a must for the at-home chef. So when you're ready to build out your spice collection, you might want to hit Trader Joe's. For instance, its organic ground cinnamon is roughly $1.33 per ounce (via All Recipes) while Whole Foods' comparable product is closer to $2.00 per ounce and Walmart's clocks in at $2.65! When it comes to organic spices, Trader Joe's is a great budget choice. 

One issue some shoppers may have at Trader Joe's is the relatively small selection of spices. You will not be able to find the same variety of spices as typical major retailers like Walmart or Kroger, and there also won't be a number of competitor brands — most, if not all of the spices at Trader Joe's will be housed under their in-house brand. But as long as you are just looking for basic spices, you should find everything you need at TJ's, plus some exotic choices like fermented black garlic

Trader Joe's has specialty blends

Trader Joe's eclectic and fun offerings don't stop in the frozen aisle. They also offer unique, mouth-watering blends at great prices. Everything but the Bagel is a smash hit meant to replicate the flavors and seasonings found on an everything bagel, like ground garlic and onion, as well as poppy seeds and sesame seeds. A 2.3-ounce bottle currently clocks in at just $1.99, which makes it surprisingly economical considering that sesame seeds alone can cost at least that much. This blend can be added to everything, from salad dressing to creamy dips. Other popular blends include Green Goddess, Mushroom Umami, and Everything but the Elote. TJs even has a pickle-flavored seasoning.

Along with the great but limited variety offered, you can assure that inventory is fresher than at typical supermarkets. That's because Trader Joe's uses a truck-to-shelf model, notes CNBC, so bottles of spices aren't just stacked in crates for months on end. That means fresher spices and more pronounced flavor in every ounce. The next time you need a spice at a cheap price, TJs may be the best bet.