Little Caesar's Brought Back Slice-N-Stix With Two Tasty Twists

It can be hard to choose between pizza and cheese sticks, especially if you're dining alone and couldn't possibly finish both by yourself. In 2020, Little Caesars eased the decision-making process when it released its first Slices-N-Stix Pizza, a half-pizza, half-cheese stick delicacy (per Thrillist). The creation was $6 and included four slices of pizza, eight Italian Cheese Stix, and a side of marinara sauce.

This pizza has disappeared and reappeared from the menu a few times before. The last time it arrived, the cheese-filled creation sparked excitement among Reddit users after its announcement in 2021. "I'll have to make a special point to get this," one commenter wrote after calling the pie "amazing." Another user wrote, "So good and the price is great." The folks who've been anxiously awaiting the combination's comeback this time around won't have to wait any longer, and this time, they'll even get to try a couple of new flavors (via PR Newswire).

The original version will still be available

Little Caesars announced yesterday in a press release that its Slices-N-Stix pizza is back in stores. This time, you'll be able to enjoy the pie three different ways, with original cheese sticks or bacon and jalapeno varieties. Like always, one half of the pie will include four slices of pepperoni pizza while the other side comes with eight cheese sticks. The original cheese stick combo will be $6.99, while the bacon cheese sticks and jalapeno cheese sticks will cost slightly more at $7.99. Each type will include a side of Crazy Sauce.

According to statistics from Fast Food Nutrition, pepperoni pizza is the most popular Little Caesars menu item — it's higher up on the ranking than cheese pizza by five spots. This might be why the Slices-N-Stix pizza defaults as pepperoni. The brand's Italian Cheese Bread takes the number five spot on the list, so it only makes sense that Slices-N-Stix includes Italian cheese sticks as one of its possible combo options. Like before, this cheesy offering from Little Caesars will only be available for a limited time.