Popular Little Caesar's Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best

It might come as a surprise to learn that Little Caesar's pizza has been on the rise over the past several years, seeing a boom in business in 2020, according to QSR. That's in part due to the addition of pizza delivery to the business model which was launched at the end of 2019, as well as the pre-existing no-contact "Pizza Portal" pick-up system that turned out to be key during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention the incredibly economical prices that make picking up a pizza (or several) very affordable. So while you might think that Little Caesar's pizza is a thing of the past, they've actually never left, and it might be time to take another look at what they've got to offer.

Even if you've never actually had a Little Caesar's pizza, you're probably familiar with the "Pizza!Pizza!" tagline uttered by its quasi-Roman animated mascot. That's no accident — it was invented in 1979 to help market a two-for-one pizza promotion that promised two pizzas for the price of one competitor's pizza. While you may not be able to get two full pizzas for the price of one competitor's pizza anymore, Little Caesar's still offers Hot-N-Ready cheese and pepperoni pizzas for astoundingly low prices. To give you an idea of what Little Caesar's has to offer these days, we tasted the most popular menu items and ranked them here to help you choose what to order when your next pizza craving strikes.

11. Crazy Bread with Crazy Sauce

It's a Friday night in 1985. Your friend comes over with a brand new VHS of Ghostbusters and your mom orders pizza from Little Caesar's and surprises you with an unannounced order of Crazy Bread. You're so excited about the crazy bread that you forget about the pizza, the movie, and — for a minute — even your friend. Deep in our collective memory, there was a time when Crazy Bread was so crazy good that we'd be fighting over the last breadstick, and the whole bag was empty minutes after getting it home. It was fluffy, garlicky, and slightly buttery, with just enough parmesan and sal to make it a heavenly carb-fest. 

Sadly, this crazy bread wasn't the stuff of those magical memories. In an effort to chase that memory, we even ordered multiple orders of Crazy Bread from several locations but were presented with chewy semi-flavorless overly oily breadsticks that never quite lived up to expectations. The garlic and parmesan were sparse, and after one stick we'd had enough. You have the option to order the breadsticks with Crazy Sauce, which is a cup of tasty marinara sauce. The price is exactly the same, so if you're giving the Crazy Bread a shot, we insist you get the sauce as well. It may be the most redeeming part of this appetizer. We're willing to admit that our memory might be flawed, but it seems more likely that something changed in the production process.

10. Hula Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza is famously controversial. Does pineapple belong on pizza? What kind of ham should be used, or is any kind of pork okay? Hawaiian pizza haters hurl insults at those who think the sweet and salty combo is inspired, chefs like Gordon Ramsay loudly weigh in on the matter, and the argument continues. We're not here to settle whether or not Hawaiian pizza should exist, only whether or not this particular one is satisfying for someone who actually likes Hawaiian pizza. Ironically enough, the Little Caesar's Hula Hawaiian pizza seems to be made for people who aren't really into pineapple pizzas.

The pineapple chunks on the pizza are small, not the large, sweet, and juicy rounds or slices that pineapple lovers would be excited about. And the pineapple flavor itself is so subtle that it's almost lost in the pizza. The ham is cut into small chunks, which we understand is easy to sprinkle on top of pizzas faster than slices of fresh-cut ham. Unfortunately, it's also very subtle in flavor and saltiness and presents itself more like less-exciting Spam. Ultimately, if you're hungry and you have this Hawaiian pizza in front of you, you're going to eat it and be only mildly satisfied. That's because Little Caesar's does the dough, sauce, and cheese thing well. But as a Hawaiian pizza lover, you'll likely be disappointed. If you're a dissenter, you might find something you like here, but most likely you'll still be disappointed on principle.

9. Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza

When Little Caesar's says this is a thin crust pizza, they aren't being modest. The crust is exceptionally thin, little more than the height of two tortillas stacked on top of each other or half a pita. Think of it sort of like an open-faced pizza quesadilla. We got the impression that the dough itself might not even be leavened, which is a little surprising given how much effort Little Caesar's puts into making their pizza doughs in-house. Also, for those who order the thin crust pizza to cut down on calories, you're not really saving many calories per slice. The ExtraMostBestest regular pepperoni pizza clocks in at 2,470 calories, while the thin crust version is only 290 calories less, at 2180 calories, according to Little Caesar's. You may be left wondering why this pizza exists.

The crust itself is less flavorful than the regular crust, but that wasn't especially surprising. On the upside, the thin crust is substantial enough to confidently carry all of the toppings this pizza is loaded with. If you like your pizza to be strong on the sauce, you won't be disappointed here, and we think Little Caesar's pizza sauce is pretty tasty. There's a reasonable amount of cheese and pepperoni on this pizza, although we wouldn't want any less given that they're the main event. Thin crust lovers will likely be very happy with a slice of this pie, but overall we think the regular pizza dough is better.

8. Buffalo Caesar Wings

You might not think of Buffalo wings when you think of Little Caesar's, but they're a popular side dish that comes in several flavors. Available in classic Buffalo, Oven Roasted, BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan flavors, the "Caesar Wings" come eight to an order. We noticed that the wings aren't the same jumbo-sized wings and drumsticks you'll find at your corner bar, but smaller one or two-bite wings. While they're still deep-fried, they aren't especially crispy which might be a disappointment if you're a fan of the classically crackled skin on your chicken wings. 

That said, the wings are generously sauced with a comfortably flavored Buffalo sauce that isn't overly sweet or spicy. The wings don't come with dipping sauce, which we don't think is especially necessary for the Buffalo wings. But if you'd like sauce, Little Caesar's offers the original marinara Crazy Sauce, in addition to Butter Garlic Flavor, Buffalo Ranch, Cheezy Jalapeno, and Ranch dipping sauces for less than a dollar each. The sauces seem like a good idea paired with the oven-roasted wings, although the BBQ and Garlic Parmesan flavors are also very well-sauced wings that can stand on their own just fine. One order probably isn't enough for a whole dinner, so consider ordering a few flavors.

7. Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

The highlight of this pizza is without a doubt the crispy grilled cheese edges since it's clear that the toppings were cooked right up to the edge of the pizza pan. There's also a lot of dough here. We happen to think that the Little Caesar's pizza dough is pretty tasty. In the Detroit-Style Deep Dish format, it's still a tasty dough — there's just so much more of it. Perhaps, for some, that could be too much.

That said, it's pretty light and cooked all the way through with a beautifully golden bottom, which is everything a deep dish pizza lover would want. While the toppings are nice, they definitely aren't the main event. The sauce and cheese feel sparse in comparison to the thick crust. The pepperoni Deep!Deep! comes with four pepperonis per slice, which neatly fit on top of each piece.

We noticed that this pizza actually came in two separate pieces, leading us to believe that the deep dish pizzas are probably cooked in the same pans as the Italian Cheese Bread side dish, which is the same size as one of the two deep dish pizzas. It makes perfect sense since the cheese bread is essentially a deep dish pizza without sauce (although you should absolutely order it with Crazy Sauce if you choose to go that route). While the Detroit-Style Deep Dish pizzas are cut into eight total slices, you're going to fill up much faster than you would with ordinary slices.

6. Veggie Pizza

This is by far the easiest way to work a few vegetables into your meal, even if you aren't especially a fan of veggie pizzas. This veggie pizza is dressed with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives, and finished with Italian seasoning, but none of the vegetables are especially strong. Much like the Hula Hawaiian pizza, the Veggie pizza might be geared more towards pleasing those who aren't especially fans of veggie pizzas in general, while giving it just enough to meet the basic requirements for those who are fans. 

The onions are the most flavorful topping, finely chopped and sweet with a nice crunch to remind you that they're there. The mushrooms are few and far between, with an inoffensive texture that will appeal to people that don't typically like mushrooms. The green peppers almost completely blend into the fray, and we had to actually look for them to consciously taste them. The olives are fine, adding a small hit of salt to the toppings which we thought was a welcome addition, even among tasters who don't usually like olives. Overall, it's underwhelming as a veggie pizza, but fine as a pizza in general. It's really carried by the sauce and cheese, which are nicely balanced with the toppings. We'd happily eat it if it was in front of us (which we did), but if given the choice, we'd probably just order a cheese pizza instead.

5. Hot-N-Ready Cheese Pizza

Ah, the classic cheese pizza. There's nothing to dislike here. No, it's probably not going to appear on any top 10 must-try lists, but it's got a great foundation of flavorful crust, sweet and spiced sauce, and enough cheese to keep you happy. These three components are nicely balanced for a satisfying quick pizza experience. And since each ingredient is precisely measured and the whole process carefully timed, you can reliably expect the same pizza every time you get the craving for one.

The beauty of the Hot-N-Ready pizza is that it's ready when you are. No placing an order online or waiting while it's made. You walk into a store, and it's there waiting for you like it knew you'd come to pick it up all along. The pizzas are made in batches throughout the day and placed in the pizza warmer for no longer than 30 minutes. That's when you arrive and pick up your pizza, stopping only to pay at the register before heading home as the conquering pizza hero you are. Even more impressive than the lightning-fast turnaround, is that the pizza only costs $5.99 (not including tax). In most places, that's the same price as two slices of greasy sub-par pizza and a drink — so why wouldn't you spring for the reliable whole pizza choice? If you're only ordering one pizza, it might not be worth it to have it delivered, since the delivery fee might be more than the pizza itself.

4. Classic Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizza

It really shouldn't come as a surprise that the classic cheese pizza that Little Caesar's offers is improved by the addition of pepperoni. What is a surprise is that the pepperoni version of the Hot-N-Ready classic doesn't come with an extra charge, and is actually the same price as the plain cheese pizza. While tasting this pizza, we noticed that the flavor of the pepperonis brought out the Italian spice blend in the sauce a little more, slightly elevating the overall pizza-eating experience. There are about three pieces of pepperoni per slice, which is fine. We wouldn't be disappointed with more pepperoni, but since this is such a great deal, we really can't complain about the exact distribution of pepperoni slices. 

One note though — you'll want to be sure and eat this pizza while it's hot. Even if you're the kind of person who can enjoy a cold leftover slice straight out of the fridge without stressing about heating it up, this is one of those pizzas that loses a tremendous amount of flavor and texture the colder it gets.

3. ExtraMostBestest Pizza with Pepperoni

More cheese? More pepperoni? Little Caesar's heard our cry and delivered. In 2017, they introduced the ExtraMostBestest pizza, a menu item that includes more cheese and pepperoni with every bite. How much pepperoni? At least 50 slices per pizza, according to QSR. Little Caesar's claims that it's got more cheese and pepperoni than the regular pepperoni pizzas sold by the nation's largest competitors and all are said to be available at a lower price. When it was originally released in 2017, the pizza was available for $6.00 but the price has since gone up to $6.99, which is still only a dollar more than the Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza offering. 

For a dollar more, we think you're getting substantially more, especially if you're a cheese lover. Dough lovers will find their match here as well, with the Deep!Deep! Dish pizza facing some serious competition. Sauce lovers will be won over by the ExtraMostBestest thin crust pizza. And cheese aficionados will delight in the extra-cheesy pull of the classic ExtraMostBestest pizza. At these prices, you could easily gather a few friends and try all three pizzas to see which option you like best without breaking the bank. If you're not into the pepperoni, Little Caesar's also offers the ExtraMostBestest pizza in cheese only.

2. Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza

Going into this pizza tasting, our tasters generally thought the stuffed crust pizza was a gimmick. We're old enough to remember when the first stuffed crust pizza arrived on the national scene, thanks to Pizza Hut in 1995. Maybe it's because Donald Trump and his wife at the time, Ivana Trump, were in the very first stuffed crust pizza commercial for Pizza Hut, dressed to the nines and eating pizza backward (so controversial at the time!). Or maybe it's because the pizza was originally designed to appeal to people who don't eat their pizza crusts. Either way, we weren't super invested in the stuffed crust aspect of this pie.

Of course, when you set your expectations that low, sometimes you're pleasantly surprised. We got everything we enjoyed about the pepperoni Hot-N-Now Little Caesar's pizza and were still genuinely impressed when we got to the crust. The cheesy pull reminded us of a baked mozzarella stick, for one. But the truly impressive part was that there were also pepperoni pieces rolled into the crust, making a perfect continuum of toppings from the first bite to the last. The stuffed crust pepperoni pizza is a little more expensive than some of the other pizza offerings from Little Caesar's, but it's still less expensive than a normal pepperoni stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut and Papa John's. You might not order this breakout gem every time we order pizza, but it's a great treat when you do.

1. 3 Meat Treat Pizza

Most of the time a meat lover's pizza is fine. Often the meats seem under-seasoned or they aren't great quality, to begin with. Now, we can't vouch for the quality of meat that Little Ceasar's may or may not be using for this pizza, but the entire thing is immaculately seasoned and by far the most delicious pizza we tasted out of the bunch. Even with nine pizzas lined up in front of us, this was the one we kept coming back to for another bite. Even better, it's the one pizza that kept its integrity long after it lost temperature. 

Covered in pepperoni, Italian sausage, and bacon, the 3 Meat Treat pizza is a salty and savory delight. The Italian sausage is small enough to enjoy without dominating the pizza toppings but large enough to stand out. There's enough cheese to make sure most of the meats actually stay attached to the pizza instead of dropping off all over your shirt while you're trying to enjoy it. There are meaty bits in every bite, even if it's not always all three types of meat. If you find you also adore this pizza, Little Caesar's also offers a 5 Meat Feast pizza, that includes smoky ham and ground beef for just a dollar more. We don't really think the extra toppings are necessary (especially after being unimpressed by the ham on the Hula Hawaiian pizza), but if you're looking for even more meat, they've got you covered.