Aldi UK Just Recorded Its Highest Christmas Sales In History

The last few years have been good to Aldi. The supermarket chain completely swept the product of the year awards in 2022 with its alcohol offerings and mind-blowing cheese selection. In April 2021, Aldi hit a record number of monthly visits in the United States with an 18.6% increase (per Statista). It's safe to say that the discount grocery store chain is doing well across the board, and it turns out the holidays are no different.

Aldi UK just recorded its highest sales during the Christmas season, coming in at a whopping $1.4 billion for the month of December. The store reports that sales increased by 26% despite the current inflation crisis. Due to Aldi's reputation as a low-cost food option, it's no wonder shoppers are running to the store amid the high prices. The supermarket credits this win to its "unbeatable value" that allowed for customers to have an "amazing Christmas."

Desserts and fresh cheeses had a particularly good season

Much of that $1.4 billion in sales derives from Aldi UK's meat, desserts, fresh cheeses, and snacks, the store claims. Poultry, pork, and fresh meat options grew by 28%, chilled dessert sales bumped up by approximately 30%, and fresh cheeses saw a spike of 50%. Sounds like some mean charcuterie boards were in the works this winter.

Now we are getting to the good part — the snacks. According to Fox Sports, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar had a record-breaking number of viewers at just under 17 million people watching the final match. This means a lot of game day eats were needed; Aldi UK explained that potato chips and nuts increased in sales by 40% likely because "for the first time," the World Cup and Christmas were within a week of each other. 

With all of this revenue, the supermarket giant promised to keep offering customers the lowest grocery prices throughout 2023. With the US Aldi already lining up its Valentine's Day products, let's hope the store sticks to its word!