The Oil Hack That Will Take Your Subway Bread To The Next Level, According To Reddit

Although a good number of potential customers have been scared away from Subway by claims that the food isn't really what we think it is, the sandwich chain still has plenty of devoted fans. For these fans, the sandwich possibilities are endless. Subway's 2018 slogan was "Make it what you want," after all (per Food Truck Empire).

As you would expect, every corner of the internet holds creative hacks for your next Subway order. TikTok, for instance, points out that you can order avocado toast or nachos at Subway (please note, this is dependent on location), or even have your cookie — which is definitely Subway's most underrated menu item – toasted to make it extra gooey and yummy.

Naturally, Reddit also offers countless delicious ideas for Subway sandwiches. One such idea comes straight from a Subway employee, so we know it has to be good. The hack promises a cheesy bread experience like no other, and to say we're intrigued is putting it lightly.

Try this hack for the softest, cheesiest Subway bread

One Subway employee blessed Reddit with a short list of sandwich hacks. The first of these hacks — and perhaps the most exciting — promises to "[make] your sub even better than it already is." According to their post, you should always ask for your favorite sauces and oils and cheeses to be placed directly in contact with the bread, rather than on top of your meats. Why? Well, when your sandwich goes into the oven to be toasted, all that flavorful "cheesy" goodness is going to seep into your bread. Needless to say, this hack will certainly make for one delicious Subway sandwich.

However, not everyone is on board with this hack, particularly other Subway employees. One commented that "asking for condiments on the bread before anything else will automatically make Subway employees hate you." They reasoned that this hack throws off the assembly line process. That being said, others hopped into the discussion to say they "literally do not care what order you want your sub made," so feel free to give this hack a try the next time you visit Subway.