The Hilarious Connection Between Burger King And Jack Harlow

If you've ever associated the "First Class" star with anything to do with fast food, it's probably his collaboration with KFC. A Kentucky native, Jack Harlow teamed up with KFC last summer to release a meal combo reminiscent of his childhood favorites. According to HITC, Harlow's KFC collaboration included a spicy chicken sandwich, mac & cheese, fries, lemonade, and a side of ranch. His loyalty to the brand spans beyond food, though. Just a year before, Harlow along with KFC raised $250,000 for the American Red Cross to aid in tornado relief. Because if there's anything Harlow cares about more than music, it's giving back to his hometown.

The "Come Home the Kids Miss You" rapper is now being tied to Burger King. Don't get too excited, though. It's not because of a new meal deal, but rather a viral internet joke that's made its way to numerous platforms as well as Burger King itself.

Fans are excited over his resemblance to the Burger King mascot

Social media users have found a link between Jack Harlow and Burger King, as they believe the rapper resembles The Burger King himself. One Twitter user posted a photo of Harlow wearing a New Year's Eve crown next to a photo of the Burger King mascot in his signature crown. "Jack Harlow [is] never beating those burger king mascot allegations," the post read. Burger King quoted the tweet, writing "you've never seen us both in the same room that's all I'm saying." A user with the same name also posted the meme on TikTok, which has earned over 400 likes so far.

In the past year, other Twitter users have shared the belief that Harlow looks similar to The Burger King. "[Somebody] said jack harlow look like the burger king mascot and now I can't unsee it," one post read. Another compared his Forbes magazine cover to the mascot's likeness, writing "THEY SAID JACK HARLOW LOOK LIKE THE BURGER KING MAN." Regardless of how fans look at it, they still have love for the "Dua Lipa" artist. "I don't care if jack harlow look like a glorified burger king mascot he still fine," one tweet read.