Krispy Kreme Just Dropped Its First Donut Collection Of 2023

The folks at Krispy Kreme love to keep things exciting, dropping new limited-time donuts several times a year to keep customers coming back for more. Last winter, the brand geared up for Christmas with the Santa's Bake Shop bundle, a` collection that touted three new holiday-themed donuts (per a press release). The flavors included sugar cookie, gingerbread, and red velvet cake. It also re-released its Santa Belly Donut which resembled the jolly good fellow, and a chocolate iced donut with holiday sprinkles.

Just a couple of months earlier, the donut-eria added fall-themed treats to its menu. According to a September news release, the drop included three new flavors and two returning types, just like the one unveiled in November. The new varieties were apple fritter, maple pecan cheesecake donut, and spiced apple-filled donut, with the classic fan favorites being the salted caramel brownie donut and the pumpkin spice cake donut.

To kick off the New Year, Krispy Kreme is at it again with a new lineup of sweets. This time, it'll be collaborating with a beloved Belgian brand.

European favorite Biscoff has teamed up with the donut brand

Revealed in a press release sent to Mashed, a new donut collection made its in-store debut today, Monday, January 9. The brand has teamed up with Biscoff for its three new flavors: Biscoff iced donut, Biscoff cookie butter cheesecake donut, and Biscoff cookie butter Kreme-filled donut. Per Krispy Kreme's website, the cookie butter cheesecake offering is dipped in Biscoff icing with Biscoff crumbles and topped with cream cheese. The cookie butter Kreme donut is filled with the cookie butter with similar crumbles and icing as well as a dark chocolate swirl. Tried and true, the iced donut is original glazed with Biscoff icing. These donuts will remain on the menu until January 29.

Popular in many European countries, Biscoff comes in a spread or as cookies (via Baking Bites). The spread is made of broken-down cookies and features butter, spice, and brown sugar flavors. Per the brand's website, the family owned bakery was opened in Belgium in 1932.