TikTok's Ultimate Stove Top Trick For Perfectly Reheated Pizza

When it comes to eating day-old pizza, there are two means of attack that come to mind. The first is saving some time and enjoying those slices cold. If you've ever tried pizza straight out of the fridge, you may have even wondered what makes cold pizza taste so good. As Dr. Maureen Cooper told BBC, the makeup of tomato puree may play a significant role in cold pizza's taste in the sauce's ability to confine water, which keeps the crust from getting water-logged, while also not mixing with the cheese. The second strategy to partake in some leftover pizza — reheating it — is a good fit for those not quite in the cold pizza camp.

There are a lot of different ways to get leftover pizza warm again. In fact, Mashed compiled a list of six ways to reheat pizza, including using the stovetop or even a microwave. Though this last method definitely wins the speed test, it may produce less-than-desirable results. If you go the microwave route, The Spruce Eats recommends finishing up a microwave pizza reheat job by putting the warmed-up slice into a toaster oven long enough to crisp the crust before taking that first bite. The stovetop method for reheating pizza, meanwhile, is once again a hot topic on TikTok.

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Though hearing advice at a wedding may be expected, you might anticipate that the topic will involve how to have a happy marriage. TikTok user Kyle Treta, however, posted a video with a caption explaining the advice his dad gave during one wedding was of another kind. In the video, a sharply-suited man gives an emphatic lesson on how to use the stovetop to make pizza that "will taste better the next day." Key elements of the advice include using a frying pan or skillet, a "tiny bit of oil," a teaspoon of water, and a lid to trap steam. The video has gotten over 946,000 likes (at the time of this writing), and one user clearly approved of the topic, responding, "That's my type of conversation."

TikTokker mozkm1ll posted a video featuring a duet with Treta's video and a step-by-step of the strategy in action. The lesson seemed to pay off, and the video concludes with mookm1ll tasting the reheated pizza and giving a chef's kiss. It turns out, this isn't the first time this pizza reheating hack has been posted on TikTok. When Aldentediva posted a video involving a similar method back in 2021, some followers suggested cooking alternatives while others admitted they liked their pizza cold. Although this trick may not be new, we hope Treta's dad gets invited to another wedding so we can get some more cooking advice!