12 Best Drinks To Mix With Jack Daniels, Ranked

Even people who aren't avid whiskey drinkers are likely familiar with the ubiquitous Jack Daniel's Old No. 7. It's one of the best-selling whiskeys of all time for a reason — it's been distilled in Lynchburg, Tennessee since the 1860s and very little has changed since. Despite being so well-known, it's an accessible brand to try for its affordable price point and popularity on the average bar shelf. 

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is the original, but the distillery has gone on to develop a long list of different expressions that vary in age, style, flavor, and beyond. It always uses the secret ingredient of charcoal, which is easy to remember upon one sip of the distinct drink. 

Some people might not be the type to drink whiskey on the rocks. Thankfully, a signature like Jack Daniel's makes a great addition to a variety of mixers, from soda to juice. We decided to rank the best drinks to mix with Jack Daniel's to determine which are fine to skip, and which cocktails are absolute must-try picks. 

12. Tonic water

Whiskey and tonic is probably not a familiar pairing because it's far from a time-honored cocktail commonly ordered at bars. Tonic may be a common mixer to find at any regular bar, so it's tempting to try it with a shot of Jack Daniel's. However, it's likely not going to be the most satisfying sip for the drinker who isn't a die-hard fan of the Tennessee whiskey. 

Tonic water is slightly sweet and can alter the flavor of whiskey without effortlessly blending into a more flavorful cocktail that's literally easier to swallow. One On Milwaukee writer is a loyalist to the drink of Jack and tonic with a twist of lime, but reported that every bartender they've ever encountered was shocked by the order and wasn't familiar with anyone who preferred the drink. However, as noted in a recipe on the Jack Daniel's website, the apple-flavored whiskey mixes well with tonic for a more well-rounded cocktail if you're curious to try the pairing.

11. Coffee

A traditional Irish coffee typically features an Irish whiskey like Jameson, but in a pinch, Jack Daniel's can make for a solid replacement. To make it taste more like the original, you will need more than a cup of black coffee and a shot of whiskey to make the flavors well-balanced. Jack Daniel's recommends a recipe that mixes Jack Daniel's Old No. 7, coffee liqueur, espresso, and simple syrup for a booze-infused cold brew that is essentially a double pick-me-up. 

It's not that no one has ever thought to drink coffee with a shot of Jack, it's just not as common a bar order for someone looking for a basic cocktail. "Coffee makes my life easier. Coffee with whiskey makes my life double easier," one Reddit user wrote in a thread about their affinity for the pairing. "I tried Jack Daniels in an Iced coffee, and it tasted pretty good," added u/leakproofgrain on Reddit. 

10. Water

Water and straight liquor is not everyone's cup of tea, but water can actually help to expand the flavors of whiskey while mellowing out the burn. It's not the best mixer from a flavor standpoint, but it can't be totally discounted as an important ingredient that has a positive effect on whiskey when utilized carefully. u/WebMD_PhD adds that a splash of water and an ice cube specifically brings out the sweetness of a whiskey. "Three ice cubes, two ounces of Jack Daniels, one ounce of water, rested for 5 minutes is my go-to Jack Daniels," u/Tubewatch wrote on Reddit. 

Most people tend to try to pick mixers that dull the taste of alcohol, preferring their cocktail to resemble a taste closer to soda or juice. Water is not the best option in those scenarios. However, it can be a good tool to use to help you ease into drinking whiskey straight up or on the rocks if that's your ultimate goal. 

9. Cranberry juice

Vodka and cranberry is a pretty conventional bar order, but swap the alcohol for Jack Daniel's and it's something with a deeper and earthier flavor. Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and cranberry juice can be one-note as a solitary pairing, but the juice adds both sweetness and tartness, which isn't the worst for a mixed drink. 

A little too much cranberry juice to Jack Daniel's ratio can be overwhelming, but a splash can be a nice change of pace for someone looking to subdue the flavors of a glass of Jack on its own. The brand also recommends a recipe on its website that mixes cranberry juice with Jack Daniel's apple-flavored whiskey to make it even more fruity. That pairing might earn itself a higher place in the ranking, but the Old No. 7 and cranberry pairing can leave the drinker wanting a little something more from their after-work beverage. 

8. Lemon-lime soda

Lemon-lime soda like Sprite and vodka are a common pairing, but the light and refreshing drink pairs well with a shot of Jack Daniel's. It's similar to the way a squeeze of lemon or lime will help mellow out a shot, except this version is in cocktail form. Jack Daniel's recommends an easy recipe for a Dirty Shirley Temple that's a combination of Old No. 7, lemon-lime soda, and a little grenadine. The two-ingredient mashup isn't as classic as a Jack and Coke, but it can be a different version that might appeal to clear soda drinkers. "I just got back from work and I'm sitting with a Jack & Sprite in my hand and it is fabulous!u/dog_in_the_vent wrote on Reddit about the unexpected mix. 

Sprite or similar sodas don't do a great job of mellowing out the booze in the whiskey, which can be the main objective of some people looking for something to mix with their shot. If that's your main criterion, you might want to opt for something a little more full-flavored. 

7. Soda water

Similarly to water or lemon-lime soda, club soda can be a subtle partner to a flavorful whiskey like Jack Daniel's. The bubbles make it a little more elevated for a cocktail mixer in comparison to plain water while still letting the notes from the booze shine through. The brand even sells ready-to-drink cans of whiskey and seltzer that contain 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) per serving (via Total Wine), proving that it's not the most absurd combination. 

Someone who doesn't absolutely love the flavor of Jack Daniel's specific whiskey will likely not enjoy the combination, but you could always amp it up with a splash of juice to make it more palatable. Better yet, a shot of Jack Daniel's Tennessee honey mixed with soda water and a twist of lemon is a similar yet better-balanced drink. On its own, Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and club soda is not the most well-sought-after mix for a reason.

6. Apple juice/cider

The most fitting juice out of the typical mixers behind a bar that pairs best with Jack Daniel's is hands-down apple juice or apple cider. The refreshing and light notes of apple pair perfectly with oak-heavy whiskey, and more-concentrated cider tames the burn from the booze. The cider variety also makes for a great warm cocktail that warms you up from the inside out if you make your ratio heavy on the whiskey, and tastes like a fall day if you throw in a few cinnamon sticks. 

Jack Daniel's even recommends to its customers to combine Old No. 7 and apple juice for a drink they dubbed the Apple Jack in a recipe on its website. To make it even more fancy, you can put a slice of apple in your glass, but it's totally not necessary. "Who would have thought, Jack Daniel's and Apple Juice is really good!" one Twitter user wrote about the combination. 

5. Ginger Ale

Jack and ginger might sound familiar for a reason. The combination of whiskey and ginger ale is a time-honored order at bars and even on airplanes. The Jack Daniel's website provides a recipe for the cocktail, even though it's one of the most self-explanatory on the list. 

Jack and ginger might not be the most innovative drink, but it's not supposed to be. It's a mixed drink anyone can make at home with just two ingredients and one that is consistently good. Ginger is aromatic and zesty, which is a nice contrast to the sweet and earthy whiskey.  A Jack and ginger with a greater amount of soda can help to dull that ever-present woody taste of the Old No. 7 whiskey, as explained by u/mrwrongthrowaway on Reddit. "Whiskey and ginger ale is a great mixed drink," another Reddit comment from u/cave-mandarin reads of the tried and true combination. 

4. Root beer

Root beer, in and of itself, is an underrated cocktail ingredient. Sure, it can be too sweet if you add too much, but just the right amount can complement flavors of many spirits, including a sweet whiskey like Jack Daniel's Old No. 7. Root beer is marked by notes of wintergreen, vanilla, and other herbal notes. 

When paired with oak-aged whiskey, the drink is an explosion of flavors. In fact, if you've never tried a whiskey and root beer, it can expand your mind into the flavors of your favorite variations, like Jack Daniel's. "Call me crazy, but I love Root Beer with almost all liquors. My favorite is A&W, but any Root Beer works for me," u/thegreattave wrote on Reddit in response to someone asking for suggestions for Jack Daniel's mixers. Another Reddit post from u/Crockinator suggests that both root beer and its close cousin cream soda are tasty mixers with a bottle of Jack. 

3. Lemonade

Lynchburg Lemonade is one of the quintessential Jack Daniel's cocktails that has deep roots in its Tennessee home. The brand's recipe features a combination of Old No. 7, triple sec, sour mix, and lemon-lime soda, but if you're in a pinch, a shortcut version is mixing the whiskey with pre-made lemonade. Some might say the combination, especially if you use good quality lemonade, is just as good, if not better, than the classic. (It's probably not good to say that to a Lynchburg native, though.) 

Jack Daniel's website also recommends mixing its Tennessee Honey whiskey with a little lemonade for a floral and sweet drink. A Reddit comment from u/cv47 had a genius idea of mixing Jack Daniel's with lemonade and iced tea for a boozy Arnold Palmer. Regardless of the recipe you choose, it's hard to be dissatisfied with an ice-cold Jack Daniel's and lemonade on a hot summer day. 

2. Ginger beer

While ginger ale and Jack Daniel's is undeniably tasty, ginger beer and the Tennessee whiskey is so much better. The combination of Jack, ginger beer, and a little lime is what the brand's website and bartenders commonly call a Tennessee Mule, the Southern version of its vodka counterpart, the Moscow Mule. Other fans of the cocktail, like u/PHall on Reddit, call the same combination a "Stormy Daniels," a riff on the classic Dark & Stormy bar order with rum. 

Ginger beer has a stronger flavor than ginger ale, which really showcases the spiciness of the ginger. The sweetness from the Jack Daniel's mellows out that intense flavor while seamlessly combining into a cocktail that you could spend an entire night drinking without getting sick of it. "Jack Daniels and Ginger Beer is a top tier drink," one Twitter user boasted about the second-best mixed drink on our list. 

1. Cola

It would be an outrage to not honor the top tier combination of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and an ice-cold Coca Cola. Jack and Coke is so familiar for a reason — as common of an order as vodka and cranberry or tequila and soda. Many Reddit users believe the drink tastes like bananas or Vanilla Coke, but most people would agree it's the most palatable mixed drink that includes Jack Daniel's. The brand's website, of course, honors the original pairing, but also recommends freezing cola into ice cubes and blending it with Jack Daniel's for a frozen version of the classic. 

One Reddit user asked why Jack and Coke is such a common order in comparison to cola and other whiskey varieties, and u/justmutantjed gave a solid explanation. "Jack is inexpensive but still generally palatable. You certainly wouldn't want to drown $200 Elijah Craig in Coke, right," the post reads. "Jack's just a low-shelf standard without being complete garbage." We can't say we disagree.