14 Best Jack Daniel's Flavors Ranked

Jack Daniel's is undoubtedly one of the whiskey-making giants of the U.S. As one of the country's top brands, it's often the first name that pops to mind whenever someone mentions whiskey. The distillery's Old No. 7 holds an iconic place in both the beverage world and pop culture, representing a bold, take-no-prisoners slice of Americana best-served ice cold over the rocks.

Although Old No. 7 is Jack Daniel's flagship and most famous product, there are plenty of other yummy spirits in its whiskey pantheon. From obscure and delightful odes to classic singers, fire-laced aperitifs, and even pre-made boozy holiday fare, Jack Daniel's doesn't hesitate to experiment with flavors and techniques to bring new offerings to the table. So whether you love your Jack splashed over ice or a whiskey rock, neat, or stirred into a classic coffee cocktail, there's a bottle of the good stuff with your name on it.

14. Number 27 Gold

Jack Daniel's No. 27 Gold may have a vibrant, golden hue, but the contents could leave you feeling like you've unearthed pyrite instead of a true treasure. According to the producer, the No. 27 Gold blend is based on the successful formula that birthed Old No. 7, except with a few bells and whistles to make it mellower and smoother. Although the end product looks fabulous, it suffers from a weak mouthfeel and muddled flavors. Also, No. 27 Gold simply doesn't have the nostalgic panache of Old No. 7, making it underwhelming on more than one level.

On the plus side, No. 27 Gold's color lives up to its name. It's a genuinely striking whiskey with deep, sophisticated honey tones and a nice caramel and maple nose. Unfortunately, the taste is too maple-heavy, with hints of deeper flavors that never really evolve throughout the sip. Ultimately, the finish is too-sweet and a touch one-note.

13. Tennessee Apple

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple comes with a vibrant bright-green, white, and gold label that will stand out on your home bar. But unfortunately, this autumnal offering from the good people at Jack Daniel's might just stand out for other reasons too, particularly for its overly sweet taste. Tennessee Apple truly has a lot of juicy green apple flavor going on. Still, the overabundance of fruit skews the whiskey toward the super saccharine, veering slightly out of whiskey-tasting territory into the college beer bash zone.

On top of the green apple, a fair bit of vanilla, toffee, and caramel are thrown into the mix. Instead of hinting at dessert like some of Jack Daniel's superior blends, Tennessee Apple is a boozy apple-pie-in-a-bottle. It's okay to mix with hot apple cider and a pinch of cinnamon or drizzled over some premium vanilla ice cream, but it doesn't hold up as a fine sippin' whiskey.

12. Tennessee Honey

Tennessee Honey is a smart mix of traditional Jack Daniel's and a touch of honey. The reason it's a serviceable whiskey is that the distillers avoid the temptation to go into full-on honey overload. Instead, they use a light hand, letting the whiskey shine through while the honey balances the flavor as an excellent supporting actor. According to the producer's notes, the recipe uses natural honey — another intelligent call, because the artificial stuff would yield a muddled and cheap-tasting result. So instead, it's a pure combination of whiskey and honey.

The downside is that while effective, this combo isn't really surprising or unique. It's predictable and solidly good but it doesn't bring much to the table other than a sweet surprise at the end of your sip. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey isn't going to revolutionize your palate or give you a new appreciation for the spirit. What it will do is blend flawlessly with your favorite mixer though.

11. Tennessee Fire

Tennessee Fire is a spunky, fiery addition to Jack Daniel's line of whiskeys, with tons of cinnamon and more than just a hint of classic Old No. 7 flavor. It's a nice bright spin on Jack Daniel's flagship product, and you'll get tons of spice from start to finish with an extra-strong and spicy cinnamon punch at the end. This whiskey hits a lot of high notes thanks to its unapologetic burn and knack for making even the tamest mixer taste tremendous.

According to The Whisky Exchange, Tennessee Fire features a throwback hint of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the nose, which is a fun nod to both the grainy taste of the whiskey and the colossal crush of cinnamon to come. Despite all of its bold flavors, Tennessee Fire manages to be both approachable and drinkable, playing cinnamon off brown sugar, warmed butter, and a bit of vanilla. It's a wee bit gimmicky but overall successful.

10. Old No. 7

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is the distillery's signature drink and a vivid pale amber-colored elixir popularized on t-shirts and deeply rooted in Americana (via Business Insider). While Old No. 7 might taste just like your college years, it's an affectionate throwback brimming with sweet maple flavor and a semi-smooth slightly-blistering whiskey taste. According to the company website, the original blend is charcoal mellowed with hints of oak and a solid hit of sweetness.

It's iconic, classic, and instantly identifiable. Unfortunately, although Jack Daniel's original blend has a frantic following, it falls short on the nuances. You won't get the layers you'll find with more premier blends, but you will get a consistent, nostalgic taste every time. Also, it's the ultimate mixing whiskey, pairing perfectly with a bubbly can of Coca-Cola, a bright ginger ale, or a tall glass of tonic. At the end of the day, that's certainly worth something.

9. Tennessee Rye

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye bills itself as being a "rye whiskey made Jack's way," a slogan that immediately lets casual sippers know that they're in for a splash of the original formula mixed with a hearty dose of rye. The spirit doesn't disappoint. According to the producer's notes, this whiskey has a rich, spicy rye flavor that's perfect for splashing over whiskey rocks or some ice.

Master of Malt cites Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye's interesting interplay of scents and flavors, including fried banana, chocolate, black pepper, and spice. Savvy connoisseurs might be able to pick up a little bit of warm apple mid-sip. This whiskey benefits from complementary flavors and a light hand, making it a more sophisticated alternative to Tennessee Apple or even Tennessee Honey. It's a delightful, rich, and robust dance of wood, chocolate, and spice, that punches well above its weight and makes good on Jack Daniel's commitment to excellence.

8. Tennessee Tasters' Hickory Smoked

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Tasters' Hickory Smoked is one big and boisterous celebration of all things hickory. This unapologetically polarizing whiskey makes no bones about its rich smoky taste and hickory stave-infused flavors. It's super smoky, rivaling even Islay scotches in taste, leading this spirit to taste more expensive than it is. The product will appeal to true whiskey lovers who like some serious burn in their brew.

Since it's one big love letter to smoky charred taste, this Tennessee Tasters' edition isn't for folks searching for a lot of nuance or sweetness in their drink. It's also not for whiskey novices, nor does it have the drinkability of an Old No. 7. Instead, it's a niche drink with slightly limited application that over-delivers on its hickory promise but doesn't play nicely with too many mixers. However, if you want to sip something with a totally new flavor profile, Hickory Smoked could be for you.

7. Winter Jack

Winter Jack takes a wildly different path than most of the famous Jack Daniel's whiskeys on our list by combining the traditional Old No. 7 with tons of wintery spices and apples for a drink that's more cider than it is straight whiskey. Although purists might turn their noses up at Winter Jack, it certainly has its charms. It's an old-school punch allegedly resurrected from a cherished family recipe, meant to be sipped and shared for maximum holiday cheer.

You can put away your whiskey rocks for this one too. Winter Jack tastes best piping hot so all of its flavors and scents can bloom. You'll get deep orange, holiday spices, and a heady burst of fresh apple cider while it's bubbling up on the stove. The taste follows the same pattern: whiskey laced with vanilla and deep oaky notes. Winter Jack is no doubt tasty, but it does get a little ding for being a pre-packaged cider rather than a premier whiskey. Still, we'd certainly raise a glass.

6. Sinatra Select

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select is an ode to the late, great crooner, with a velvety texture that perfectly matches Sinatra's dulcet voice. According to the producer's tasting notes, it has tons of toasty, oaky flavor thanks to a specially-designed cask. It's buttery, amber-colored, and smoke-tinged with a strong undercurrent of pure vanilla. As Uproxx explains, Sinatra was a huge fan of Jack Daniel's, so the tribute, as well as the extra style of this blend, are quite fitting.

Although Sinatra Select has a lot going on, it might have a touch too many flavors for whiskey purists. Peach, apple notes, caramel, and tobacco are mingling with sweet vanilla. In addition, the whole thing has a leathery finish that seems a little discordant with the fruitier elements. All in all, these are minor critiques of a truly fine product that's full-bodied, if not too cluttered, joy in a glass.

5. Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Proof Rye

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Proof Rye is a mind-boggling 127.6 proof spirit with a light amber color and huge flavors. What this whiskey does absolutely beautifully is ensuring that its sky-high proof doesn't taste as potent as it is. You'll get a reasonable burn on the back end, but you'll also be able to taste the rich notes of this whiskey throughout. Each one is clear, complementary, and artfully incorporated.

The rye pairs perfectly with autumnal stone fruits, raisins, and deep molasses. There are also a few oaky notes scattered throughout, plus a noticeable but never overpowering charred foundation that pays homage to the whiskey's cask roots. Barrel Proof Rye works with richer, autumnal fruits well, weaving them throughout the nose and palate of the drink without making it overly complicated or too sweet. It's a whiskey that lives up to its promise: full flavored, incredibly strong, and drinkable.

4. Gentleman Jack

If you're craving a taste of original Jack Daniel's without the burn and bite, reach for a weighty bottle of Gentleman Jack. As the name suggests, this whiskey is a sophisticated riff on the traditional Jack Daniel's blend. As per the producer's notes, Gentleman Jack is a double-mellowed masterpiece fragranced with robust hints of vanilla and rich caramel. It's not overly sweet though, and while it's clear you're drinking down a fine whiskey, the elegant dessert notes lend a luxurious edge.

According to Master of Malt, Gentleman Jack's double charcoal treatment is known as the Lincoln County Process, giving the whiskey a deep foundation of oak and anise. Savvy drinkers might spot banana, spice, and bright citrus in each sip. One element that makes Gentleman Jack a true winner is its accessibility. It's not too strong for whiskey novices but exciting enough for even the most seasoned drinkers to savor.

3. Single Barrel Heritage Barrel

According to Jack Daniel's, its Single Barrel Heritage Barrel is aged in a low-and-slow toasted cask for optimal flavor and rich color. This process yields a high-proof, satiny product with lots of warm, woody, and spicy notes laced with a luxe touch of vanilla. It's truly a premium blend, made for slow sipping on a sun-dappled summer's day. Although you could mix this whiskey with some soda water or ice-cold ginger ale, it shines best when left to its own delicious devices.

Instead of reaching for the mixers, get yourself a rocks glass, a handful of chilled whiskey rocks, and a generous pour of the good stuff. The whiskey rocks will keep your drink nice and cold without adding any extra water. Although all of Jack Daniel's single barrel offerings are top-notch, the Single Barrel Heritage Barrel is in a cask and class, all of its own.

2. Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Reunion 1

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Reunion #1 is an excellent 90-proof offering aged in red wine barrels that tastes every bit as artisan and small-batch as it is. According to the producer, the barrels are an integral part of the end result. They are first used for Jack Daniel's, then graduate to red wine, and finally house and mature Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Reunion. The whiskey picks up all elements from the triple-used barrels, so you'll get stone fruit and blackberry from the wine and luscious caramel from the whiskey.

It's a fun combination that works, and the name suits it without being over-the-top. Although true connoisseurs will love the nuance in every sip, whiskey novices can also appreciate the smoothness and subtle sweetness. In this way, Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Reunion is both instantly accessible and undeniably elegant, with a little something for everyone that finishes with a sweet rich burn.

1. Sinatra Century

Crack open a collector's box of Sinatra Century, and you know you're in for a treat even before you take the first sip. According to Jack Daniel's, this rare and limited edition whiskey honors the centennial birthday of the man himself. It's solely aged in 100 white oak barrels (one for each year of Sinatra's life), so it does Ol' Blue Eyes proud from start to finish. Although the presentation is certainly on point, the whiskey itself is no slouch. It's oaky and smoky from start to finish, with a creamy smoothness ideal for drinking straight by the fire.

Although you won't pick up tons of different flavors in Sinatra Century, what you get is intense. Delicate and more robust oaky notes play off each other during each sip, and prominent full-bodied charred smoke makes up the bulk of the blend. Like Sinatra himself, Sinatra Century is masterful, bold, and clearly top of the line.