The Taco Bell Cheese Roll-Ups That Are Causing A Storm Of Emotions On Reddit

Among the many popular fast-food restaurants to choose from, Taco Bell makes for a great midnight snack or even a full-blown dinner spread thanks to its late-night hours of operation and abundant menu selection. Whether you're a Doritos Locos Tacos fanatic, a Crunch Wrap Supreme aficionado, or a chalupa loyalist, the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain offers something for just about everyone, including vegetarians.

Back in 2019, Taco Bell teased the launch of its veggie cravings menu that has since become an integral part of the Taco Bell experience for vegans and non-vegans alike (per QSR). Boasting Taco Bell's same indulgent flavors without the meat, the menu includes the black bean Crunch Wrap Supreme, spicy potato soft tacos, and a cheesy bean and rice burrito, just to name a few. One of the cheapest options on the veggie cravings menu is the cheesy roll-up, which is simply shredded cheese rolled up into a tortilla — a classic, easy-to-make snack.

However, one Taco Bell customer ordered a cheesy roll-up that, despite only having two ingredients, left much to be desired.

A Taco Bell customer's cheesy roll-ups came with un-melted shredded cheese

When the Taco Bell customer unbagged their order of two cheesy roll-ups, instead of a melty, mouthwatering indulgence, they found uncooked shredded cheese topping an open-faced tortilla. One of the roll-ups was garnished with one single pico tomato and a shred of lettuce which was likely spill-over from an unrelated batch of ingredients. For such a simple recipe, it's a disappointing sight to behold. And for some folks on Reddit, it caused a stir.

When the photo was posted on the Taco Bell subreddit, some users criticized the unhappy customer for not making their own cheesy roll-ups at home, suggesting that it's cheaper and tastier. One person even called the complaint "disrespectful" while another added that it probably took more time to create the Reddit post than it would have taken them to simply remove the stray ingredients. Others took the skimp just as personally as the original poster, hurling a slurry of curse words directed at Taco Bell for their mistake. Turns out cheesy roll-ups are more divisive than politics.

The real solution to the problem? A microwave. Or you can head back to your local Taco Bell with the issue and they may be able to refund you at the discretion of the store manager (per Taco Bell).