You Can Still Order A McDonald's Pizza In One State

We know McDonald's for a myriad of classic fast food items, from hamburgers and Chicken McNuggets to fries and milkshakes. However, this golden-arched chain has also tried its hand at other foods over the years, like the McRib sandwich and the New England-only McLobster Roll. In fact, McDonald's even gave pizza a try back in the 80s, in an attempt to compete with the likes of chains like Pizza Hut, according to Business Insider.

As you might have guessed, the McPizza didn't last too long. Per McDonald's Wiki, the McPizza started out as a whole pie before shrinking down to be a personal pizza. The item was discontinued by 2000, but a few select McDonald's held out a while longer. Today, pizza can still be found at a single, special McDonald's establishment in the U.S. So, where exactly is this last warrior in the McPizza crusade, and how can we order a McPizza of our own?

The McPizza is still available at the world's largest McDonald's

For many of us, McDonald's pizza remains tragically out-of-reach. However, the one McDonald's still selling the McPizza also happens to be located at an American hotspot –- Orlando, Florida. While McPizzas were discontinued in part because of the time it took to make them and a general lack of interest from the public, none of this matters at Orlando's giant McDonald's.

According to Reader's Digest, this particular McDonald's is considered the world's largest McDonald's, and as such, it serves many more items than the typical golden arch establishment. Waffles? Check. Pasta? Check. The infamous McPizza? Check.

Per Mental Floss, Corporate McDonald's tried to squash all remaining production of the McPizza in 2017, but this Orlando franchise location still holds out today, in 2023. Needless to say, if you're planning a trip to Disney World, you might consider stopping by McDonald's to pick up a McPizza. It'll be a bit more expensive than a four-piece chicken nugget, but hey, you're paying for the experience.