The Seasonal McDonald's Item You Can Only Get In New England

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Everyone knows that there are all sorts of different things to get at McDonald's: Big Macs, Filet-o-Fish, McNuggets, a full bag of nothing but fries you manage to chomp down on the five-minute trip back to your house, etc., etc. You probably consider yourself a connoisseur — a McConnoisseur, if you will — of the McDonald's menu, that there's no secret value meal or combination you don't know about.

But, what if we told you there was something you probably couldn't get in your hometown Mickey D's, something that you probably would expect to find in beachside restaurants and maritime-themed casual dining establishments? It's something of a local treat for our friends in New England and the wild exotic lands of Atlantic Canada, something that conjures up both images of fancy dining and confusion as to how this is served in a place where ordering a side of butter and lemon for this dish would be the healthiest choice there.

This culinary coastal offering is known as the McLobster.

The McLobster first appeared back in the '90s

Yes, you heard us right. The McLobster Roll — we know, lobster? At a McDonald's? But truly does Ronald McDonald know his customers and what their specific tastes are. The McLobster Roll seems to be standard lobster roll-fare: lobster meat with mayo and a couple handfuls of seasonings served on iceberg lettuce on a long, toasty bun. 

You'd be forgiven for thinking this seaside snack to be another product of the fever dream of 2020, but according to Today's article on the McLobster, it actually debuted way back in 1993, before a brief return in 2005, and now making sporadic appearances every summer since 2015. For only $9, it certainly beats the high-priced lobster dinner you could find at other seafood-brand places, don't it?

But, does it actually hold up to the real deal? Are you getting a good bargain on your lobster or are you trapped in the lobster cage of illusions? In a July 2019 post from travel site NewEnglandToday, Mike Urban, author of "Lobster Shacks," posted his thoughts on the brainchild of Ronald McDonald's deep-sea fishing vacation. While he saluted McDonald's for their "bravery and cunning" to get in on the lobster roll game, Urban claimed that the McLobster simply ran out of steam, and made him yearn for a true New England classic.

If you're willing to see for yourself what you think of the McLobster Roll, act fast and drive faster, as this summer-only treat is only available during the season and in select states!