Brooklyn Beckham Spilled The Tea On The Worst Cookin' With Brooklyn Cook

Let us start out by giving props to Brooklyn Beckham for not letting the bombardment of hateful comments override his love of cooking. People love to hate on the offspring of the rich and famous aka the nepo babies and purported pop culture food world nepotism is no different. If you needed an example, visit the comment section on one of Beckham's Instagram cooking videos where users seemingly unleash fury over his very existence on the daily and brutally mock his budding career.

Beckham has previously said that he is not a chef and just a cook, per Hello!, and he cooks up some delicious recipes with his friends and family on his show "Cookin' With Brooklyn" on Facebook Watch. The star-studded guest list of celebrities and chefs for the first eight episodes of the series included Sebastian Yatra, Roy Choi, 24kGoldn, Huddy, Yeastie Boys, Asante Blackk, Nobu, Adam Perry Lang, Nancy Silverton, and David Dobrik.

All of the guests in Beckham's show demonstrated their cooking prowess alongside him, but some weren't as skilled as the others. "The Late Late Show" host James Corden wanted to find out who the worst cook on "Cookin' with Brooklyn" was, so he went ahead and asked the host himself.

James Corden coaxed the answer out of him

During his appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," Brooklyn Beckham and James Corden cooked steak frites to decide who was the better chef (via YouTube). As they cooked, Corden caught Beckham by surprise when he asked who the worst cook on "Cookin' with Brooklyn" was. When his question was met with a chuckle, he asked, "What about Lil' Huddy, am I better than him?"

Beckham said Corden was a better cook than Huddy because the Hype House founder "doesn't cook ... but he's a lovely guy. Everyone that came on the show is really lovely," Beckham revealed before Corden cut him off to let him know that he wasn't paying attention to what he was saying. Huddy learned how to cook New York strip steak in the 5th episode of the Facebook Watch show, and it was evident that he didn't really know how to cook.

"Cookin' With Brooklyn" has over 60,000 followers so far and all of the episodes have over a million views. Beckham seems to be doing well for himself, and chef Gordon Ramsay approves of his career choice. "Even as a 12-year-old, while playing football, Brooklyn was always excited about food. So I'm pleased that he's gone down that road and he's found something he really enjoys doing," he told The Daily Mail. Ramsay also defended the young chef and said he is excited to see his career grow.