Subway's Sweet And Sour Twist Is Found On The Secret Menu

Subway has had some big menu changes in the past few years. According to The Wall Street Journal, the menu overhaul has helped boost sales, restaurant renovation, and online ordering, which could lead to a sale of the company for over $10 billion. As of December 2022, Subway has acquired 20,700 stores in the United States alone — with California holding the most locations (via ScrapeHero). The sandwich chain has had consistent growth and innovation which has lent itself some pretty loyal customers.

Loyal customers are always on the hunt for new food items and exciting beverage orders, and fans of Subway are no different. The brand's secret menu is said to have several hidden orders, including The Old Cut Sub, The Pizza Sub, The Winged Style, More Please, Chicken Parmesan, The Meat Feast, and The Carnivore (per Secret Menus). While we are eyeing that chicken parmesan sub, there are rumors of another secret addition — the Sweet and Sour Chicken Sub.

The sandwich was originally a limited time menu item

The Sweet and Sour Chicken Sub was confirmed to be a limited-time menu item when Subway posted it on Instagram in December 2020. Unfortunately, the European-influenced sandwich was never made a permanent addition to the chain's menu after the initial launch. The Sweet and Sour Chicken Sub contains grilled chicken doused in a sweet and sour sauce and red wine vinaigrette.

Restaurant Clicks recommends adding Swiss cheese, spinach, or red onion to the sandwich for a more well-rounded flavor. Subway is not the only chain known for creating a secret menu option. McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Chick-Fil-A are just a few examples of popular fast food chains that allow for a secret menu (we would be here all day if we named them all). In fact, the Starbucks hidden drink menu is notorious and consists of everything from the famous pink drink to a Disney Dole Whip Frappuccino. You may want to add that to your food bucket list right after the Sweet and Sour Chicken Sub.