Every Chick-Fil-A Sauce, Ranked Worst To Best

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The fan-favorite restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is a family-owned business that started in the 1940s. The brand boasts friendly customer service and plenty of delicious chicken-focused menu options. Over the years, it has grown into one of the most popular choices among fast food lovers, with enough of a fan base to rival many longstanding industry giants. According to BusinessWire, the chain topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index's list of favorite fast food restaurants for the eighth year in a row in 2022. As the name suggests, Chick-fil-A specializes in chicken-based items such as sandwiches and nuggets, but the brand is also well-known for its waffle fries and macaroni and cheese. 

Among the many things diners love about Chick-fil-A, the chain's collection of dipping sauces is one of the most noteworthy. Diehard fans are very loyal to their favorite option, and debates are common across many social media platforms. Consumers have eight different sauces to choose from, including classics like Buffalo and barbecue and flavors unique to Chick-fil-A. According to the chain's website, many of these sauces are also available in 8-ounce and 16-ounce bottles, so consumers can enjoy these popular condiments anytime. Although every sauce is tasty in its own right, some flavors have a more extensive fan base than others. The most beloved options have a cult-like following that is fearless in showing love for their favorite sauce. 

8. Garden Herb Ranch Sauce

For such a simple condiment, ranch dressing can be very polarizing. Some people swear by its mild, creamy flavor as a topping for everything from salads to salmon, while others avoid it at all costs. However, when it comes to the Garden Herb Ranch Sauce from Chick-fil-A, most people agree that this condiment could use some improvements. Although the name promises herbaceousness, there are very few actual herbs on the ingredients list, which leads to a disappointing flavor. For example, one YouTuber describes the taste as bland and artificial and doesn't plan on ordering this sauce again in the future. In a Reddit thread about the restaurant's updated sauce flavors, some users thought that the original Buttermilk Ranch Sauce was much better than this newer option.

Unfortunately, the boring taste isn't the only issue with this condiment. Total Frat Move explains that shelf-stable ranch dressings and sauces have a strange, slightly coagulated texture due to the preservatives and stabilizers used. While these ingredients are required to keep the sauce's cream base from spoiling, they detract from the pleasant smoothness of refrigerated options. Like many other consumers, this reviewer also describes the flavor of this sauce as dull and unsatisfying. Those who love ranch dressing in all its forms will probably still enjoy this sauce, but it's unlikely to convert anyone new into a fan of this classic flavor.

7. Zesty Buffalo Sauce

Since its creation at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, Buffalo sauce has become one of America's most popular chicken wing condiments. The sauce typically contains a Louisiana-style hot sauce and butter, but there are endless variations on the market today. Chick-fil-A customers can enjoy this classic flavor in the form of Zesty Buffalo Sauce, which seems like a natural pairing for chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and even fries. The brand's blog describes this sauce as the perfect option for passionate people with big personalities. Still, opinions vary on whether this flavor truly lives up to its name.

Some consumers can't get enough of this sauce, including one YouTube creator who drinks it straight out of the container. However, those who like Buffalo sauce with a bold kick may find this condiment disappointing. In a Reddit thread, the original poster describes this sauce's flavor as awful, especially compared to the restaurant's original Buffalo Sauce. Another user agrees that this flavor is a letdown, primarily because of its lack of spice. The user dislikes the Zesty Buffalo Sauce so much that they said they plan to only order from Chick-fil-A if they have their own version at home. However, another user in the thread disapproved of this sauce for the opposite reason, describing it as too spicy for their taste. Of course, spice level is subjective, but the mixed reviews suggest consumers may want to skip this sauce.

6. Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Sauce

Diners who love putting Sriracha sauce on everything will likely want to try the Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Sauce at Chick-fil-A. It's a twist on a traditional sweet and sour sauce and is well-balanced with plenty of heat. Reviewers on Amazon sing this sauce's praises, calling it addictive and unique. Reviews on Influenster are equally positive, with multiple users calling this their favorite condiment. Across the board, most users have awarded this sauce a perfect score of five stars. One review notes that this sauce's sweet, spicy flavor makes an excellent complement to the pickles on most Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Some users also mention using it as a recipe ingredient, such as a base for homemade wing sauce.

In a Reddit thread dedicated to this condiment, the original poster compares the flavor to a combination of garlic chili sauce and a Chinese-style sweet and sour sauce. Another commenter notes that the sauce is similar to popular condiments for Lumpia, a Filipino fried spring roll. Users in the thread suggest eating the sauce with waffle fries or hash browns, but it is equally delicious when paired with chicken. However, as the original poster explains, the name of this sauce is slightly misleading. Unfortunately, the sauce's consistency and taste don't really resemble Sriracha, so fans of this classic condiment may be disappointed by Chick-fil-A's rendition.

5. Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce

One of the most unique condiments available at Chick-fil-A is the brand's Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce, which employees primarily serve with grilled chicken menu items. The sauce is smoky and spicy, with a flavor that resembles a blend of honey mustard and classic barbecue sauce. One Reddit user dedicated a whole thread to their love of this condiment, describing it as the best option Chick-fil-A offers. Several users agree with the original poster, with many suggesting that it's the perfect sauce for chicken sandwiches. One user also provides an interesting theory about the origin of this sauce. According to the comment, Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce is very similar to an old recipe for Chick-fil-A Sauce, which had a more barbecue-forward flavor than the signature sauce of today.

However, this user is just one of many Reddit posters to present this theory. For example, users debate the differences between Honey Roasted BBQ and Chick-fil-A Sauce in a separate thread. Several users agree that this sauce tastes like a smokier version of the chain's signature condiment, with most agreeing that a more pronounced barbecue flavor separates the two. Due to these similarities, Chick-fil-A Sauce fans looking to try something new may enjoy the Honey Roasted BBQ option. 

4. Honey Mustard Sauce

Many people assume honey mustard is a modern invention, but diners have enjoyed this combination since at least the 4th century (via Spiceography). The secret behind this condiment's staying power is its unique balance of sweetness and pungency. Honey mustard has a long history of pairing well with fried chicken, so it's no surprise that Chick-fil-A has long featured it in its sauce lineup. A pair of reviewers on YouTube taste-tested the chain's Honey Mustard Sauce with chicken and appreciated its flavor. Both reviewers enjoyed the sweetness level but noted that it could be more mustard-forward. Consumers who prefer milder honey mustard will enjoy the taste of this sauce, but those who want a strong kick of mustard will be disappointed.

One of the reviewers also notes that this sauce is very low in calories, which makes it a good choice for those on a reduced-calorie diet. They also suggested using it as a salad dressing, which would work well because of the sauce's thin consistency. Many consumers across social media share similar opinions of this dipping sauce and consider it one of their favorites. For example, one TikTok creator tried all of the Chick-fil-A sauces with french fries and especially loved the brand's honey mustard. The creator gave this sauce a 10/10 rating, explaining that they would happily eat it by the spoonful.

3. Polynesian Sauce

Many fast food chains offer versions of sweet and sour sauce as a dip for chicken nuggets, and Chick-fil-A is no exception. The chain's Polynesian Sauce contains a balance of sugar, vinegar, and spices for a simple but unique take on this condiment. Due to its sweet, straightforward flavor, it's likely to be a favorite for children. A full-size bottle is available on Amazon, where many reviewers describe this sauce as one of their favorite condiments. Several reviews highlight the delicious balance this sauce adds to fried, salty dishes, and some admit to using up a whole bottle in a matter of weeks. Customers also appreciated that the bottled version tasted exactly like the sauce served in Chick-fil-A restaurants.

Reviewers on Influenster have also given this sauce primarily positive feedback and offered some alternatives for using it. Many consider it an all-purpose condiment for various fast food and home-cooked meals. For example, one reviewer suggests adding it to crockpot dishes, and multiple users enjoy using this sauce as a dip for pizza. Reviewers also recommend using Polynesian Sauce on burgers, fries, and even egg rolls. Nearly every reviewer also notes that they would happily repurchase the full-size bottles of this sauce to enjoy at home, and they appreciate its availability at retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

2. Barbecue Sauce

One of the most common fast food dipping sauce options is barbecue sauce, and every chain offers its own take on this classic. The Chick-fil-A version contains tomato paste, brown sugar, and vinegar — three of the essential ingredients needed for a great prepackaged barbecue sauce. It also includes various spices and natural smoke flavors, giving it a more authentic taste. This straightforward Barbecue Sauce has been a staple at the restaurant for decades and is beloved by many. A Chick-fil-A blog post detailing each U.S. region's favorite dip even places this barbecue sauce near the top of the list in the Southwest, Midwest, and Northeast.

This barbecue sauce is so well-loved that when Chick-fil-A briefly replaced it with another flavor, fans took to social media to save it (via QSR Magazine). Social media users even created a hashtag, #BringBackTheBBQ, to use in posts imploring Chick-fil-A to restore its Barbecue Sauce to its former glory. Luckily, the restaurant chain heeded this widespread request and resurrected the original version of the sauce. Reviewers on Influenster describe this popular condiment as equal parts "sweet and tangy," with many declaring it the best barbecue sauce. Most agree that it is equally delicious on both fries and chicken, and many love having the option to purchase full-size bottles for use at home.

1. Chick-fil-A Sauce

Of all the dipping sauces on the Chick-fil-A roster, the one with the most widespread following is the chain's signature sauce. This enduring favorite may not be the most inventive condiment ever conceived, but it has amassed a loyal fan base over the years. In a Tweet from 2012, the brand revealed that this famous sauce is a mashup of its ranch, barbecue, and honey mustard sauces, which accounts for the tangy-yet-smoky flavor. Clearly, fans can't get enough: multiple copycat Chick-fil-A Sauce recipes have circulated the internet for years, and the 8-ounce bottled version is a popular request at restaurants.

Reviewers on Influenster offer plenty of suggestions for how to enjoy this sauce, including using it on chicken nuggets, fries, and even burgers. Many reviewers have awarded it a perfect five-star score, describing it as their absolute favorite condiment. In addition, reviewers call its flavor addictive and satisfying, and several report keeping extra bottles on hand because of how often they use it. One YouTube creator also gave the sauce a glowing endorsement. Commenters to the video support his assertion that this is an ideal condiment for chicken, with one user explaining that it also makes an excellent base for salad dressings. However, one commenter perfectly sums up what most consumers believe: "[Chick-fil-A] sauce can make a brick taste good."