Tom Cruise's Favorite Food Is High End And From The Ocean

Yet again, actor Tom Cruise was all the buzz in 2022 due to the overwhelming popularity of the "Top Gun" sequel "Top Gun: Maverick." In more than one scene, you can't help but feel like he's doing something right when it comes to diet and exercise. Now that the film is streaming, more and more viewers are taking notice. He's no doubt one of Hollywood's leading men born in the early 1960s who is aging quite well.

This could be due to the reported low-calorie diet he follows at least some of the time, according to Men's Health. The meal plan includes grilled selections and an absence of foods known to cause glucose spikes. Yes, that means carbohydrates. He tends to live vicariously when it comes to sugar, sending cakes from Doan's Bakery in Woodland Hills, California to his A-list friends like James Corden, as noted by Daily Mail, rather than indulging himself.

His aversion to carbs doesn't mean Cruise can't be pampered with his favorite foods, however. Some are even on the low-cal list. Among them is a delectable selection from the sea.

Tom Cruise's absolute favorite food: lobster

Believe it or not, Tom Cruise's top food choice, lobster (via MSN), was once so plentiful that it was dubbed the "poor man's protein." While American Indians also ate them, the crustaceans would pile up on beaches so copiously that they used them for crop fertilizer and fish bait as well, according to History. Lobster didn't become a delicacy until the 1880s, in fact. Since then, prices have soared along with its popularity. Cruise clearly isn't the only one loving it.

Lobster has zero carbs, is low in calories (when you keep the drawn butter dunking to a minimum), and can be grilled, so those attributes fit in with this actor's reported self-imposed dietary restrictions. Lobster is also high in protein, an important attribute for building muscle, which Cruise clearly has going for him. 

Another low-cal food the actor is said to be fond of is strawberries. He is human, though, and has a couple of other favorites he apparently humors himself with occasionally. These include junk food and pasta, as noted on BreakingBuzz.