The Schitt's Creek Café Tropical Was A Moment

As fans of television shows, we don't usually don't consider the bars, cafés, and restaurants the characters of our favorite shows hang out at, except maybe to express curiosity about the latest punny "Bob's Burgers" burger. A fictional restaurant, bar, or café is a reflection of the universe the television show inhabits. According to QSR Automations, these places reflect the economic standing of the characters in which the place exists. The eponymous "Cheers" bar clientele is a cross-section of working-class Boston, while Monk's Café from "Seinfeld" is probably the most affordable place for Jerry, Elaine, and George to grab a coffee.

If we stop and think about our favorite television shows and their fictional eateries, these places are more than just a place to grab a beer or coffee. Their locations become the backdrop for pivotal moments in the characters' story arcs. Ted met Robin at MacLaren's in "How I Met Your Mother," where their relationship was built over beers in the iconic booth. Central Perk from "Friends" had its own moments, from Rachel's arrival to her and Ross's first kiss to Phoebe's wedding being held just outside its doors. The Central Perk set was such a cultural juggernaut that it's forever enshrined at Warner Bros. Studios on Stage 48, where it can be seen as part of the studio tour, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Perhaps no other fictional eatery was more important for its characters than Café Tropical from "Schitt's Creek."

Café Tropical is the backdrop for much of one character's development

For those who haven't seen the multi-award winning show (winning 9 Primetime Emmys, according to IMDb), "Schitt's Creek" features the Rose family, part of the 1%, that is really down on its luck. When the government comes to take everything, they're forced to move to a rural town they bought – the only asset the government let them have. The town's seemingly only restaurant, Café Tropical, is interesting, to say the least. The menu folds out two or three times, making it a comical struggle when the family of four sits together in one booth and opens their menus. And the decor doesn't make sense – why does a diner in a small town have a beachy vibe to it? And the menu features meals from all corners of the globe to the bafflement of the Rose family and fans alike, per Screenrant.

As is often the case on television shows, Café Tropical becomes the backdrop for some big moments. As noted in Food & Wine, if you were to watch just Alexis Rose's scenes in the restaurant, you would see her change from selfish and shallow to independent and loving through her friendship with the waitress Twyla and her relationship with town veterinarian Ted. It's in a similar vein to Barney from "How I Met Your Mother" or Ross and Rachel; these places matter. When the show ended, Café Tropical faded out and is now enshrined forever on our televisions like reruns of "Friends" or "Cheers."