89 International Dishes You Can Enjoy Without A Passport

We're going on a trip! Don't worry; you won't need a suitcase for this vacation, just a few reusable shopping bags for groceries, because you won't need to leave your home city for this trip around the world. We all love our traditional American recipes, especially in the summer time — hello, hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill – but once in a while, we like to think outside the box and try a recipe that's a little outside both our cultural and cooking comfort zones to try something new, and for those days, we've put together a collection of recipes from every corner of the globe.

So, whether you're craving Hungarian goulash, tandoori chicken hailing from India, or the idea of the magic of fairy bread from Australia and New Zealand appeals to you, we've got the recipe below to take your cooking prowess to new heights, or, in this case, new destinations.

1. Canadian Poutine

Poutine is a dish hailing from Quebec, Canada that consists of French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy (via Erudit) and one that recipe developer Kristen Carli calls "delicious and dangerous" as well as "my ideal indulgent food." Making this dish is easy; the hardest part is hunting down the poutine gravy mix, and Carli points you right to it, even recommending a brand. Be sure to enjoy your poutine as soon as you're finished making it, as Carli points out that it's a dish best enjoyed fresh and leftovers don't do it justice.

Recipe: Canadian Poutine

2. Norwegian Waffles

Recipe developer Susan Olayinka came up with this recipe for "soft, buttery, and cake-like" Norwegian waffles using yogurt instead of the classic Norwegian sour cream. After mixing together the batter and cooking the waffles in the waffle iron, it's time to garnish your waffles, and what you choose to put on top all depends upon how traditional you want to get. Norwegian style would call for strawberry jam and sour cream, but you can also opt for whipped cream and berries or just plain 'ole maple syrup.

Recipe: Norwegian Waffles

3. Greek Pork Souvlaki

Cooking up a meal of this traditional Greek street food couldn't be easier thanks to directions from recipe developer Ting Dalton who walks you through how to marinade, assemble, and cook your pork souvlaki, as well as makes recommendations on which sides to serve it with — hint: you're going to want some pita bread and plenty of tzatziki sauce. Prep and cook times add up to only half an hour, so you'll be ready to enjoy this Greek-inspired meal in no time.

Recipe: Greek Pork Souvlaki

4. Japanese Beef Donburi

Although recipe developer Eric Ngo notes that this beef donburi recipe is more for the intermediate cook, we encourage you to give it a try no matter what your cooking prowess because the results are downright delicious. Beef donburi is a dish of cooked rice topped with veggies, beef, and a cooked egg. Ngo provides instructions based on traditional ingredients but also offers alternatives if you're unable to find these ingredients. The recipe takes just 30 minutes to prep and cook and yields two servings, so it's perfect for a date night.

Recipe: Japanese Beef Donburi

5. Guatemalan Pico De Gallo

This quick pico de gallo recipe from recipe developer Maren Epstein is the ideal way to showcase those tomatoes you've been working so hard to grow all summer long and now hopefully have in abundance. Epstein notes you should use the freshest tomatoes possible for this recipe, so if you don't have any you can pick right off the vine, head to the farmer's market. You'll add a bit of a secret ingredient – taco seasoning, wink, wink — to add a little spice and flavor to your pico de gallo.

Recipe: Guatemalan Pico De Gallo

6. Irish Stew

This traditional Irish recipe will take you some time to prepare — over two and a half hours — but recipe developer Michelle McGlinn calls the recipe "fairly foolproof" and the end product is well worth it. The main ingredients for this stew are lamb and potatoes, which you'll cook together with onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaves, and thyme in a Dutch oven. McGlinn recommends serving the finished stew with crusty bread for scooping and soaking up the gravy.

Recipe: Irish Stew

7. Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian goulash is a beef stew highlighting paprika that dates back to the times of sheepherders in the area of what is now Hungry (via Britannica). Recipe developer Sophie Putka points out that both smoked and regular paprika are both important ingredients for this hearty creation, and if you can find Hungarian paprika, that's all the better. Prep involves browning the meat, sautéing the veggies, and eventually simmering the stew. Try serving over noodles and be sure to make plenty so you'll have leftovers.

Recipe: Hungarian Goulash

8. Filipino Fresh Vegetable Lumpia

Recipe developer Miriam Hahn calls these fresh vegetable lumpia "the Filipino version of fried spring rolls," but points out that the thin lumpia wrappers don't have egg in them. Inside these fried packages of goodness you'll find cabbage, carrots, jicama, and bean sprouts. To prepare, you'll simply cook the veggies, add in some oyster sauce, then wrap the filling mixture up in the lumpia wrappers. You'll only need to fry these guys for about one minute on each side, and then, once cooled, you can enjoy them with a hoisin sauce.

Recipe: Filipino Fresh Vegetable Lumpia

9. Puerto Rican Colossal Shrimp Mofongo

If making this mofongo, the national dish of Puerto Rico, is your first foray into making cuisine hailing from the island, worry not because we have the best guide, recipe developer Carlos Leo, on hand to help you. Leo explains that mofongo is a dish of fried plantains mashed with salt, garlic, and pork rinds, and this particular mofongo recipe is enhanced with the addition of colossal shrimp cooked in a sofrito, or a spicy tomato and garlicky sauce. Prep and cook times add up to just 35 minutes, so you'll have an authentic dish to serve in no time.

Recipe: Puerto Rican Colossal Shrimp Mofongo

10. Russian Honey Cake

This Russian honey cake dates back to the 19th century when a palace chef created the recipe for Emperor Alexander and his wife (via Russia Beyond). Fast forward to today and we have a fresh recipe from recipe developer Catherine Brookes who walks you through how to make the batter, the icing, and how to assemble the six-layer cake. The end result is a simple, rectangular-shaped cake, yet the several layers add an element of complexity and contrast of color.

Recipe: Russian Honey Cake

11. Indian Tandoori Chicken

Don't have a tandoor oven in your home kitchen? No worries! You can still make a delicious tandoori chicken dinner with this recipe from recipe developer Ksenia Prints who shows you how to score the chicken, mix the marinade, and offers precise instructions for how to cook the chicken in your own oven according to a "unique method." This is a time-consuming dish to make — we're talking over three hours from start to finish – so be sure you have a whole afternoon set aside for this one.

Recipe: Indian Tandoori Chicken

12. Korean Bibimbap

Our recipe for bibimbap, which translates to "mixed rice," is easy but has several steps, says recipe developer Cecilia Ryu. Ryu calls bibimbap a "gateway" dish to Korean food, encouraging those who may not be familiar with the area's cuisine to give it a try. In preparation for making this dish, you'll probably have to hit up a few stores including a regular grocer, an Asian grocery, and a butcher's shop for the pork belly. Once finished and assembled, you'll be glad you put in all the work for this delicious bibimbap.

Recipe: Korean Bibimbap

13. Brazilian Pao De Queijo

Looking to make a Brazilian breakfast or a bread to add to your authentic dinner table spread? Look no further than this pao de queijo recipe from recipe developer Tara Rylie. The cheesy bread recipe requires just six ingredients: eggs, olive oil, whole milk, cheddar cheese, salt, and tapioca flour. Making the pao de queijo is as simple as mixing together the batter, chilling it, scooping it into a muffin pan, then baking for just 18 minutes before you can let them cool and enjoy them!

Recipe: Brazilian Pao De Queijo

14. Portuguese Slow Cooker Bean Soup

This Portuguese slow cooker bean soup is not only easy to make, it's also uber filling, delicious, and perfect for chilly winter nights as well as for enjoying all year round. Prep essentially involves simply chopping up the linguica sausage, veggies, and potatoes, then you add all ingredients to your slow cooker and let it work its magic. Recipe developer Jason Goldstein recommends switching out the linguica for Italian sausage and Italian herbs if you want to make your soup more Italian-inspired.

Recipe: Portuguese Slow Cooker Bean Soup

15. Turkish Eggs

This original dish is about to take your breakfast to the next level by combining some of your favorite items: yogurt, eggs, and brown sugar infused with smoked chili for a little kick. Prep is as simple as making the garlicky yogurt to put the egg atop, then frying an egg. Next up you'll infuse the brown butter with chili flakes, put it all together, and serve! Mashed notes that "timing is everything with this recipe," so make sure you follow the directions closely.

Recipe: Turkish Eggs

16. Chinese Vegetable Lo Mein

This Chinese vegetable lo mein dish is easily prepped and cooked in a total of just 15 minutes, so you won't find yourself slaving over a stove for hours to make a delicious meal. There's plenty of leeway with this recipe — you can add pretty much any veg you've got hanging out in your fridge into the lo mein — but bear in mind sticking strictly to this recipe from recipe developer Kristen Carli will get you a more authentic dish. Serve with some tofu or chicken on the side for a well-rounded meal.

Recipe: Chinese Vegetable Lo Mein

17. Cuban Picadillo

This authentic Cuban picadillo recipe may have a long ingredients list, but preparation is fairly simple and mostly involves frying. Picadillo is essentially a beef stew, often with olives and raisins stirred in, as in our recipe from recipe developer Kristen Carli. Carli uses an 80/20 chuck beef for this recipe, which she says adds to the rich flavor. You can serve the finished product alongside some white rice or add some cilantro, sour cream, or hot sauce on top.

Recipe: Cuban Picadillo

18. Greek Skordalia

Is it a dip? Is it a spread? Is it a side dish? Skordalia is all of the above, and since it comes together quickly in just about a half an hour, it's bound to be one of your new favorite Greek-inspired culinary creations. According to recipe developer Catherine Brookes, skordalia is a mixture of "garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and some kind of starch," the latter of which, in our case, is potatoes. Preparation techniques are similar to making mashed potatoes, so this recipe won't take you too far out of your comfort zone.

Recipe: Greek Skordalia

19. British Cheesy Beans on Toast

Recipe developer Jennine Bryant grew up eating cheesy beans on toast, so you know she's the ideal person to teach you how to make the dish perfectly. Bryant has some great recommendations for this simple dish including using sourdough bread which balances well with the sweetness of the bean sauce and using mature cheddar cheese to make the dish as authentic as possible. If desired, you can also add a little bit of Worcestershire sauce to season the beans.

Recipe: British Cheesy Beans on Toast

20. German Jagerschnitzel

Jagerschnitzel takes regular German schnitzel – breaded and fried thinly pounded pork chops — and takes it up a notch with the addition of a creamy mushroom gravy poured over the top of the pork chops. There are many steps to the recipe, but recipe developer Laura Sampson encourages you not to be deterred, as each step is fairly easy. Ingredients are easily found in your regular grocery store, so there's no need to venture to a specialty store for this recipe. The finished product is ready in just over half an hour.

Recipe: German Jagerschnitzel

21. Italian Baked Ziti

Sometimes you just need some good 'ole Italian comfort food with plenty of pasta, marinara sauce, and cheese. Enter baked ziti, which has been evolving ever since it was developed in Italy during the Middle Ages (via Garrubbo Guide). The enduring dish requires an excellent marinara sauce; you can either make your own or buy a jar from a store; Mashed recommends Newman's Own. Next up you'll need a good ricotta cheese to make the herbed ricotta mixture. Then, of course, you'll need pasta. Ziti is the perfect shape because the sauce and cheese will get stuck in the little ridges.

Recipe: Italian Baked Ziti

22. Mediterranean Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Traditionally a dish enjoyed in the areas of modern-day Syria and Lebanon, tabbouleh is a delicious chopped vegetable salad perfect for any occasion. There are plenty of healthy ingredients in this recipe including the cauliflower base, apple cider vinegar, tomatoes, and English cucumber, and just the right amount of spice to make things flavorful. To prep, you'll need to chop up the cauliflower in your food processor, then it's just a matter of mixing together all the ingredients and enjoying!

Recipe: Mediterranean Cauliflower Tabbouleh

23. Thai Panang Curry

Recipe developer Ksenia Prints reports that this panang curry is sweeter than a Thai red curry as the sauce is made with a mixture of spices, coconut milk, and crushed peanuts or peanut butter. You'll use curry powder from the store, or, better yet, if you can find it, panang curry paste. Prints' recipe calls for chicken, but you could also use another protein here, such as beef. Prep takes only 10 minutes and cook time is 20 minutes, so you'll have eight servings of this delicious dish ready in no time.

Recipe: Thai Panang Curry

24. Mexican Huevos Rancheros

This recipe for Mexican huevos rancheros cuts zero corners as recipe developer Ksenia Prints walks you through how to make the guacamole and salsa from scratch. Once you try out a traditional version — we're talking egg, tortilla, salsa, and guacamole — give one of Prints' recipe variations a try. You can spread some refried beans on the tortilla before adding the rest of the ingredients, or add some cheese on top because, well, who doesn't love cheese? A dollop of sour cream on top Americanizes this dish but certainly adds an element of yumminess.

Recipe: Mexican Huevos Rancheros

25. Japanese Oyakodon Bowl

Gathering the ingredients to make oyakodon, a combination of chicken, rice, egg, will require a trip to your regular grocery store as well as to a specialty Asian market for items like dashi stock powder, soy sauce, sake, and mirin. Prep involves making the sauce, cooking the chicken and onions, and adding in the eggs. Eventually, you'll add in the rice, and garnish. Then it's time for you and your friends and family to enjoy this amazing dish.

Recipe: Japanese Oyakodon Bowl

26. Argentinian Empanadas

Next up, we're off to Argentina for this authentic empanada recipe. Recipe developer Cecilia Ryu notes the most important ingredient is raisins as they add sweetness to the dish. Instructions are provided for how to make the dough for these empanadas from scratch, but you can also buy frozen puff pastry at the store. Prep and cook times together add up to a little over an hour, but these little pockets of joy are worth the time and effort.

Recipe: Argentinian Empanadas

27. Swedish Thumbprint Cookies

Now it's time for a sweet thumbprint cookie recipe that hails from Sweden. Recipe developer Jessica Morone says these cookies are similar to Swedish hallongrotta, which translates to "raspberry cave," but notes you could also fill the cavity with whatever you'd like, perhaps maybe chocolate or apricot preserves. Making the cookies is super simple; you'll just mix together the dough, form the cookies with the thumbprint cavities, fill them up with jam, and bake. In total, the whole process will take you less than 25 minutes.

Recipe: Swedish Thumbprint Cookies

28. Polish Pierogies

Recipe developer Alexandra Shytsman pulls out all the stops for this amazing Polish pierogi recipe that calls for an eastern European dumpling filled with potatoes and cheese, a combination Shytsman says is "universally loved." She adds that the sweet and savory onions and sour cream toppings are an absolute must. Preparation is as simple as making the dough and mixing together the filling. Then comes the fun part of assembling the dumplings. Finally, you'll cook the pierogies in boiling water, cook the onions, assemble, and enjoy!

Recipe: Polish Pierogies

29. Indian Butter Chicken

Spin the globe and we're off to India for a butter chicken recipe Mashed calls the "all-star of Indian curries" and "a gateway to Indian cuisine." That means even if you're not a huge Indian food aficionado — yet — you can still make and enjoy this dish. Recipe developer Ksenia Prints walks you through how to prepare the marinade, make the tomato sauce, and cook the chicken. Not a fan of spice? No worries; you can control the spice level by altering how much chili powder or minced jalapeño pepper you add into the recipe.

Recipe: Indian Butter Chicken

30. Vietnamese Pho

This classic pho recipe has quite the ingredients list — recipe developer Tara Rylie also adds a long list of optional ingredients — and will take you about an hour and a half to make, but don't let that deter you from trying as while time-consuming, the steps are fairly simple and the end result is one fantastic pho. First up you'll dry the spices and make the pho broth, then cook the noodles and chicken. Once fully assembled, you can garnish your pho as you'd like.

Recipe: Vietnamese Pho

31. Salvadoran Curtido

Curtido is a Salvadoran slaw similar to a sauerkraut, but made with vinegar instead of salt brine, making it the more mild option. Prep is super easy; you simply shred the cabbage and chop the veggies, mix with vinegar and salt, then let the whole mixture sit in the fridge for a few hours to ferment. The finished product is perfect as a summer side dish or recipe developer Miriam Hahn even recommends trying curtido inside a wrap or burrito.

Recipe: Salvadoran Curtido

32. Irish Coffee

Recipe developer Jaime Shelbert stays fairly true to a traditional Irish coffee with this recipe, but she adds instructions for how to make a Bailey's-infused whipped cream to top the drink with that adds a delicious bit of extra flavor and creaminess. Shelbert offers directions for how to switch the drink up into an iced Irish coffee by subbing maple syrup for the brown sugar. This cocktail is the perfect after-dinner drink, so start your coffee pot just before dessert.

Recipe: Irish Coffee

33. Spanish Paella

A good paella includes yellow rice, some kind of meat — ours contains shrimp and chorizo — and always saffron spice, although recipe developer Maren Epstein notes that saffron can be quite expensive, so if necessary, you can substitute turmeric. You'll want to make sure you have a large, non-stick pan for this recipe so the rice doesn't stick to it and burn. In all, prep and cook times add up to about 45 minutes, which is impressively short given what a quality meal this is.

Recipe: Spanish Paella

34. Austrian Kaiserschmarrn

The name of this dish may be a mouthful to pronounce, but as soon as you take a forkful of these "scrambled pancakes," you'll be glad you practiced, because you'll certainly be wanting some more. Recipe developer Liz Capozzoli walks you through how to prepare and cook the batter and then "scramble" the pancakes. She recommends serving the finished product with jam or preserves, even fresh fruit works, although you'll already have some raisins inside the batter for extra sweetness.

Recipe: Austrian Kaiserschmarrn

35. Greek Farro Salad

This colorful and flavorful Greek farro salad comes together in just 15 minutes and is perfect as a side dish or even a light main meal. You're going to want the quick-cooking version of farro for this recipe, which cooks similarly to pasta. You'll add plenty of healthy veggies including onion, pepper, artichoke hearts, English cucumber, and tomato as well as beans and olives. Prep is as simple as cooking the farro then adding in all the other ingredients and mixing together.

Recipe: Greek Farro Salad

36. Chinese Chow Mein

Back to China we go for this classic chow mein recipe that's easy to whip up in your own home. Recipe developer Ting Dalton shares her family recipe for the delicious dish, saying it has "typical Chinese flavors" including soy, ginger, garlic, and oyster sauce. Creating a mise en place with each prepped ingredient will be helpful when preparing this dish, which involves making the meat marinade, cooking the egg noodles, and then getting out your wok to start putting all the pieces of the dish together.

Recipe: Chinese Chow Mein

37. Australian and New Zealand Pavlova

There is great debate as to which country lays claim to pavlova, so we're just going to credit both Australia and New Zealand with this fantastic dish because in the end, it exists, and that's all that matters to us. If you're a dessert lover who fancies lots of fruit mixed with cream, you're in luck, because pavlova consists of a meringue mixture topped with plenty of fresh fruit, lemon curd, and mint. You can even add powdered sugar or edible flowers for extra flair.

Recipe: Australian and New Zealand Pavlova

38. Caribbean Barbacoa

Traditional barbacoa recipes require wrapping meat in leaves and cooking it by burying it in a stone pit (via Bon Appétit), but rest assured, our barbacoa recipe is cooked in the convenience of your own kitchen in your oven, and, bonus, recipe developer Stephanie Rapone says you can even make it in your Instant Pot or slow cooker. To prepare, you'll layer the ingredients in a Dutch oven, cook them, then remove it from the oven and shred the beef. The finished product will make some delicious taco filling.

Recipe: Caribbean Barbacoa

39. Argentinian and Uruguayan Chimichurri Sauce

Recipe developer Tara Rylie put together this recipe for an herb-based sauce that complements a myriad dishes including steaks, chicken dishes, grilled seafood, and even fried eggs. Making chimichurri sauce is super easy; all you have to do is put all your ingredients into a food processor or blender and hit pulse. That's it! If you want to add a little kick of spice, Rylie recommends adding some red pepper flakes to the sauce mixture.

Recipe: Argentinian and Uruguayan Chimichurri Sauce

40. British Bacon Butty

This bacon butty sandwich is sure to become your lunchtime buddy — pun very much intended — in no time. Named for the generous amount of butter spread on the toasted bread, the sandwich couldn't be simpler to make. You'll just cook some bacon, slather some butter and ketchup on one piece of white toast, then sandwich it all together to create this breakfast or lunchtime masterpiece. Quintessential British, you may want to enjoy this sandwich with a cup of English breakfast tea.

Recipe: British Bacon Butty

41. Belgian Slow Cooker Chicken Booyah

Kristen Carli developed this soup recipe made with chuck roast, dark meat chicken, and a plethora of vegetables. You'll need quite a few ingredients to pull this one off, but once your shopping is done, cooking the booyah is super easy, thanks to your handy slow cooker. You'll cook it for a good six to eight hours, after which it's ready to serve right away! Carli recommends breaking apart a loaf of crusty bread to dip in and scoop up the soup.

Recipe: Belgian Slow Cooker Chicken Booyah

42. Ukrainian Borscht

While there are different versions of borscht prepared throughout many Slavic countries (via Britannica), the recipe developer for this creation, Alexandra Shytsman, has family that comes from Ukraine, so this recipe is based on Ukrainian traditions and includes a beet base that creates a sweet and tangy soup. When preparing, it's important to shred your veggies in the correct order: cabbage, carrots, then beets. You can add some meat if you wish, but this recipe simply calls for potatoes to add some chunkiness to the soup. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and some dill on top.

Recipe: Ukrainian Borscht

43. West African Peanut Stew

Recipe developer Miriam Hahn had her doubts before she first tried this stew, stating she wasn't sure about the peanut butter flavor, but admits she was pleasantly surprised. "[I]t is surprisingly delicious! Such an interesting combination of flavors!" she said. There are lots of ingredients in this stew, including veggies like sweet potatoes, spinach, and fire-roasted tomatoes, all of which have great nutritional benefits. Have a distaste for or allergy to peanuts? No problem. Simply sub out the peanut butter for sunflower seed butter and omit the peanuts.

Recipe: West African Peanut Stew

44. Indian Crispy Papadum

Papadum is a crispy flatbread made from chickpea flour and perfectly seasoned when prepared correctly, making it the perfect complement to dips and chutneys or to enjoy just by itself as a light snack. Spices include black pepper, cumin seed, garlic, and cayenne pepper. Once the dough is made, you'll roll it into a cylinder and slice it into rounds before rolling each round out into thin circles. The padadum will need to cook for about 20 minutes before cooling and serving.

Recipe: Indian Crispy Papadum

45. Korean Zesty Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki, or dak galbi, is a spicy rice cake hailing from Korea, where it is a popular street food. Recipe developer Tommy Leung tells you how to prepare this dish from explaining the ingredients you'll need to making the vegetable stock to seasoning the chicken to preparing the rice cakes and finally putting everything together. Leave out some of the gochujang if you're not a fan of spicy food. Garnish with leeks and sesame seeds for a beautiful and tasty presentation.

Recipe: Korean Zesty Tteokbokki

46. Mexican Michelada

Recipe developer Christina Musgrave came up with this beverage recipe that is reminiscent of a Bloody Mary with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce, but is finished off with a Mexican beer — Corona works here — instead of vodka. Instead of salt on the rim of the glass, you'll cover it with Tajin seasoning, which Musgrave says has "spicy, sweet, and citrus flavors." Garnish with a lime instead of a Bloody Mary's traditional celery to balance the flavors.

Recipe: Mexican Michelada

47. South American Grilled Churrasco

From Mexico, we'll travel south to the western hemisphere's southern continent which is marked by rich flavors abound, and this grilled churrasco recipe is no different. Here you'll use your chimichurri sauce to top the grilled inside skirt steaks, which recipe developer Kate Shungu says are more tender than outside skirt steaks. Season the steaks with salt then toss them on the grill for two to three minutes, or until they reach your preferred level of doneness. Be generous when topping the cooked steaks with chimichurri sauce.

Recipe: South American Grilled Churrasco

48. Swedish Instant Pot Meatballs

You don't need to take a trip to the store to enjoy the likes of Ikea Swedish meatballs; you can make them in your own kitchen thanks to this recipe from recipe developer Kristen Carli, and, bonus, they cook up in minutes right in your Instant Pot. Prep is as simple as making and shaping the meatballs, sautéing them in your Instant Pot, then creating and adding in what Carli calls a "creamy, savory gravy." Serve the meatballs over egg noodles or mashed potatoes.

Recipe: Swedish Instant Pot Meatballs

49. French Clafoutis

This clafoutis recipe comes from recipe developer Mark Beahm who specializes in "rustic European baking," so you know it has to be good. A clafoutis is a simpler version of a souffle, and Beahm's version contains cherries set in a custard. To prepare, you'll make a batter similar to a pancake batter, which you'll pour over pitted cherries in a baking dish. After your clafoutis comes out of the oven, let it cool, sprinkle it with powdered sugar, slice it like a pie, and serve.

Recipe: French Clafoutis

50. Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Recipe developer Erin Johnson admits that this recipe for Hungarian chicken paprikash may seem intimidating at first with its many steps, but she assures "It's really just stirring things together." Tomatoes are optional here — traditional versions tend to omit them while American versions add them in — but be sure to add in the most important ingredient: paprika. First, you'll sear the chicken in a Dutch oven, then cook the onions, garlic, and spices, and add the tomatoes to the chicken. Once finished, add some sour cream to add an element of creaminess and serve over egg noodles.

Recipe: Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

51. Italian Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

Bruschetta is very specific when it comes to its authentic ingredients: fresh tomatoes with basil, garlic, olive oil, and salt (via The International Kitchen). Mashed's recipe from recipe developer Kristen Carli adds chicken and pasta for a well-rounded dish with servings of vegetables, protein, and carbs. Carli recommends using boneless chicken breasts and spaghetti — although any pasta shape will work — for this recipe. Want to make this bruschetta vegetarian? Sub chickpeas for the chicken. Once plated, this dish will be sprinkled with basil and Parmesan cheese and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Recipe: Italian Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

52. Japanese Onigiri

From Italy we'll journey to the island country of Japan where recipe developer Cindy Chou teaches us how to make onigiri, or rice balls stuffed with fish or umeboshi, a pickled plum (via Just One Cookbook), then wrapped in nori. Chou tells you the secret to cooking the perfect rice, how to properly salt the salmon, and the process for deseeding the umeboshi. Wrapping the nori around the rice balls is easier than you might think as you'll use furikake, a salty seasoning (via Food52), as an adhesive.

Recipe: Japanese Onigiri

53. Filipino Pancit

Pancit is a dish that can contain a variety of types of noodles including ones made from rice, mung beans, or eggs, as well as a protein and veggies. Filipinos from various parts of the region have different interpretations of the dish; however, recipe developer Susan Olayinka has put together a simple-to-make version using rice vermicelli and chicken. You'll cook the noodles in with the chicken, veggies, and chicken stock. While this dish is often served around the holidays in the Philippines, you can enjoy it any night of the week.

Recipe: Filipino Pancit

54. Cuban Rice and Beans

This rice and beans dish is an easy vegetarian and vegan recipe that doesn't skimp on protein. You won't need too many ingredients to prepare this rice and beans dish, just olive oil, some veggies like red bell pepper, garlic and onions, black beans, spices including oregano and ground cumin, bay leaves, and, of course, long grain rice. Recipe developer Jaime Bachtell-Shelbert notes that you can use water to cook the rice in, but using a broth will "add more complexity." If you're not a vegetarian, pair the finished product with Cuban chicken or pork.

Recipe: Cuban Rice and Beans

55. Argentinian and Uruguayan Slow Cooker Dulce De Leche

Recipe developer Liz Capozzoli says this dulce de leche recipe results in a drink that is "rich and thick [with a] caramel flavor and consistency with a beautiful golden color." The only ingredient you'll need to prepare this delectable nectar is a can of sweetened condensed milk, which, when placed in a mason jar and inserted into a slow cooker and cooked for eight to 10 hours, the slow cooker will work its magic and create a golden brown liquid.

Recipe: Argentinian and Uruguayan Slow Cooker Dulce De Leche

56. Irish Breakfast

You'd better be hungry when indulging in a full Irish breakfast! The traditional meal consists of black pudding, bacon, sausage links, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, eggs, and toast. Phew! Luckily for those of us who aren't early birds and are a little groggy in the morning, preparation is fairly simple. Bake the meats and hash browns in the oven, fry the mushrooms and tomatoes, cook the eggs sunny-side-up, microwave the beans, and toast — and, if desired, butter — the bread.

Recipe: Irish Breakfast

57. Spanish Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a favorite cold soup made from veggies that's perfect for hot summer days. Mashed's version of the Spanish soup comes from recipe developer Sher Castellano, who uses corn, cherry tomatoes, orange-colored peppers, and yellow onion in her recipe. You'll use olive oil and apple cider vinegar as the liquids to make the dish a soup. Prep is as easy as mixing together all the ingredients, combining them in a food processor, then pouring the soup onto a sheet pan to pop in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

Recipe: Spanish Gazpacho

58. German Brötchen

Everyone loves a crusty roll with a fluffy inside, and this traditional German bread certainly delivers on those features. Recipe developer Mark Beahm calls the rolls "very versatile," noting they can be consumed for nearly every meal, as toast with jam or butter for breakfast, as a deli roll for a lunch sandwich, or as a dinner roll perfect for scooping up sauces. Making the dough is similar to preparing any other bread dough; you'll mix together the ingredients, knead it, then let it rise. Cook the rolls for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown.

Recipe: German Brötchen

59. Middle Eastern and North African Shakshuka

Shakshuka is certainly a dish of many cultures, as different versions of it are popular in the Middle East, notably Israel, and north African countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco (via Tourist Israel). Mashed's version from recipe developer Elizabeth Chen is very simple, containing just tomato sauce, eggs, and pepper. You'll poach the eggs in the tomato sauce and serve the finished product over toast — the crustier the bread the better — or pita bread or alongside roasted potatoes, hummus, or salad.

Recipe: Middle Eastern and North African Shakshuka

60. Greek Moussaka

Moussaka is an iconic Greek dish made with layered lamb, cheese, eggplant, and potatoes. Our version is from recipe developer Ting Dalton who takes an often complicated recipe and makes it simple enough for you to make for a Sunday dinner. You'll need quite a few ingredients for this dish, so make a list and head to the grocery store. Then, it's time to get cooking! Boil the potatoes, sauté the veggies and lamb together, allow the mixture to thicken, then assemble the moussaka in a casserole dish by layering the potatoes and lamb, then topping with cheese and Greek yogurt before baking.

Recipe: Greek Moussaka

61. Indian Chicken Tikka Masala

This Indian chicken tikka masala recipe is fairly complicated and involves many ingredients, but we have faith in you! Try it out and don't give up because when you're finished, you'll have a dish that was well worth your time and effort. Prep the spices, cook the chicken, and make the sauce, then it's all downhill from there and you'll be enjoying this Indian-inspired creation in no time. Garnish with plenty of cilantro and serve with naan to soak up the sauce.

Recipe: Indian Chicken Tikka Masala

62. Chinese Sticky Sesame Cauliflower

Recipe developer Miriam Hahn says this dish, easily prepared in your home kitchen, is "exactly like Chinese takeout." Plus, with just a 30-minute prep and cook time, you'll probably have it finished before takeout would be delivered anyway. Gather your ingredients, batter the cauliflower and bake it, mix your sticky sauce and allow it to thicken, then toss the baked cauliflower in the sauce. Garnish with sesame seeds and scallions and serve over white rice.

Recipe: Chinese Sticky Sesame Cauliflower

63. Pad Thai

While the origins of pad Thai might not be quite Thai as many of the ingredient influences come from Chinese culture (via The Atlantic), today, pad Thai is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand and is even considered the country's national dish. You'll prepare this dish with Thai-style rice noodles – the thick, flat kind — and add in the veggies and egg, tofu, and shrimp for protein. The sauce is made from a mixture of brown sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce, and tamarind puree. Prep and cook times add up to under 30 minutes, so you can even make this dish on a weeknight.

Recipe: Pad Thai

64. Latin American Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches literally translates to "three milks," which mark the evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy whipping cream used in this cake. While considered native to Nicaragua by some, the cake is also popular in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, and Guatemala (via What's Cooking America). You'll top the cake with vanilla whipped cream, strawberries, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. The cake takes a while to prepare — about an hour and a half — but be patient and diligent, the end result is worth it.

Recipe: Latin American Tres Leches Cake

65. Puerto Rican Arroz Con Pollo

This one-pot arroz con pollo recipe is great for cutting back on dishes and making a spectacular dinner, all in one. Having the right seasoning for this recipe is key; you're going to want Goya Sazon, a pre-mixed blend of coriander, garlic, and cumin; however, if you can't find any Goya Sazon, you can also use a mixture of oregano, garlic powder, and cumin. This dish will take about an hour to make, so be patient and rest assured the end results will be delicious.

Recipe: Puerto Rican Arroz Con Pollo

66. Swedish Limpa Bread

You'll use molasses in this rye Swedish limpa bread, which recipe developer Miriam Hahn points out has multiple health benefits, as well as seeds including anise and fennel seeds, as well as caraway seeds, all of which add extra flavor. Prep will only take you 15 minutes and involves making the dough, letting it rise, then baking the bread. Hahn also offers recommendations for how to make this bread vegan. The bread is versatile and can be served with honey or butter for breakfast or alongside a soup and salad for dinner.

Recipe: Swedish Limpa Bread

67. Swiss Potato Rosti

This potato rosti recipe comes from recipe developer Jennine Bryant who grew up in Switzerland, so you know it has to be authentic and delicious. The recipe calls for just four ingredients: salt, pepper, butter, and waxy potatoes. To make potato rosti, you'll simply peel and grate the potatoes, season the potatoes with salt and pepper and pour in the melted butter, then fry these babies up in a pan. Bryant says the potato rostis can be served with almost anything but recommends a creamy mushroom sauce, fried egg with bacon and cheese, or some crème fraîche with salmon.

Recipe: Swiss Potato Rosti

68. Moroccan Slow Cooker Chicken Tagine

This Moroccan slow cooker chicken tagine contains a healthy dose of spices, garbanzo beans – which have great health benefits and can help with digestive issues (via WebMD) — green olives, and dried apricots, among other ingredients. Cooking this dish in the slow cooker is super simple; you just add the ingredients into the slow cooker, set it for four hours, and forget it! Recipe developer Kristen Carli recommends serving this stew either by itself or over jasmine rice.

Recipe: Moroccan Slow Cooker Chicken Tagine

69. Korean Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a form of Korean barbecue, except it's marinated and cooked over the stove rather than on the grill. You may need to go to an Asian grocery to get some of the items in this dish including mirin and sesame oil. Recipe developer Cecilia Ryu uses ribeye steak in this recipe and recommends buying it from a butcher or Asian grocery store. Prep and cook times for this dish add up to just 20 minutes, so you'll have a delicious, authentic Korean dish to serve the family in no time.

Recipe: Korean Bulgogi

70. Australian and New Zealand Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is a children's favorite in the land down under where kids love to decorate slices of bread with sprinkles and other colorful toppings, traditionally at birthday parties or tea parties (via ifood.tv). You can use cookie cutters to cut the bread into fun shapes — we love the idea of butterflies and hearts. To make this magical bread, recipe developer Stephanie Rapone recommends using white bread, which you'll cover in butter, then apply the decorative goods. While designed for youngsters, fairy bread is really a delightful treat for those of any age.

Recipe: Australian and New Zealand Fairy Bread

71. Peruvian and Ecuadorian Ceviche

Ceviche is a fantastic raw fish-based dish with just the right kick of citrus to knock your socks off. You can use various types of fish for this recipe — recipe developer Maren Epstein recommends a white fish or a salmon, the latter of which she uses in this version of a ceviche recipe. No matter what kind of fish you choose, the important part is to make sure it's as fresh as possible. Once you become a pro at preparing ceviche, you can switch up the fruits and veggies you add-in, but to start, try radishes, English cucumber, mango, onion, and orange.

Recipe: Peruvian and Ecuadorian Ceviche

72. British Pasties

Next we'll hop across the pond to Great Britain where pasties originated in Cornwall. These pockets of joy will take three hours to make, but they're well worth it when finished. You'll start out preparing the pasties by making the dough then mixing together the filling which consists of skirt steak, potatoes, rutabagas, onions, and parsley. Finally, you'll roll out the dough into circles and assemble the pasties. Recipe developer Keith Kamikawa recommends serving with ketchup or brown gravy.

Recipe: British Pasties

73. French Onion Soup

Recipe developer Maren Epstein recommends novice French onion soup makers follow this recipe very closely, as it's easy to make a mistake when preparing this somewhat complicated soup. First, you'll caramelize the onions then add the liquids and allow the soup to simmer. Toast slices of French baguette. Put the toasted slices of bread atop bowls of the finished soup and add slices of mozzarella on top before putting the bowls in the oven and cooking until the cheese melts. Voila! French onion soup!

Recipe: French Onion Soup

74. Eastern and Central European Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll

These slow cooker cabbage rolls hail from eastern and central Europe including countries like Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland. It's a simple dish made from ground beef mixed with rice and wrapped in a cabbage leaf and topped with tomato sauce. After boiling a green cabbage head and parboiling the rice, you'll assemble the cabbage rolls, place them in your slow cooker, cover with plenty of tomato sauce, and set your slow cooker to high and your timer for four hours.

Recipe: Eastern and Central European Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll

75. African Jollof Rice

As we head south to the African continent, we'll discover a West African dish perhaps unknown to many Westerners: jollof rice. Recipe developer Susan Olayinka has expertise in African cuisine and grew up eating this dish. Olayinka says most ingredients for this jollof rice should be readily available in a traditional grocery store except Maggi cubes, which you may have to visit an Afro-Caribbean store to find. Serve the finished product as the main entree on its own or alongside a protein.

Recipe: African Jollof Rice

76. Chinese Spicy Hunan Chicken

You don't need to order takeout to enjoy a Chinese spicy Hunan chicken as recipe developer Angela Latimer walks you through how to make it in your own kitchen. You'll cube the chicken then coat it in the secret ingredient: cornstarch, then cook it. Next up you'll cook the vegetables and the rice and combine everything together. Prep time is 10 minutes and cook time is 15 minutes, so you'll be able to enjoy this stir-fry without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Recipe: Chinese Spicy Hunan Chicken

77. Thai Fried Rice

Recipe developer Miriam Hahn calls this dish "great as a base to any stir-fry," and given that it can be prepared in under an hour, it's a great dinner for weeknights and can be served alongside a protein or on its own. Making this spicy Thai fried rice is an assembly process. First, you'll sauté the onions, garlic, peppers, and chilis, then add in the sauces. Next up you'll add cooked jasmine rice, Thai basil leaves, and lime juice. Finish with the addition of scallions and cilantro and you've got a delicious meal!

Recipe: Thai Fried Rice

78. Cuban Ropa Vieja

Recipe developer Carlos Leo says ropa vieja is a dish characterized by slow cooked beef, seasoned tomato sauce, and Spanish olives stuffed with pimento. You'll need quite a list of ingredients for this stew and it takes some time to cook, but preparation is fairly simple and involves browning the meat, cooking the vegetables in spices, and then letting it all simmer together. Serve your finished ropa vieja over rice, black beans, mashed potatoes, or fried plantains.

Recipe: Cuban Ropa Vieja

79. Mexican Chile Verde

This green stew has roots in northern Mexico and generally contains pork and, of course, green chiles. There is a healthy dose of spices in this recipe, but the green color comes mostly from the good amount of roasted tomatillos, jalapeños, poblanos, and cilantro in the stew. Recipe developer Molly Madigan Pisula makes some ingredient substitutions based on general availability, but recommends using a pork shoulder in this recipe. The stew is a bit time-consuming to make — cook time is 2.25 hours — but the result is worth its weight in gold.

Recipe: Mexican Chile Verde

80. Irish Apple Cake

Recipe developer Jessica Morone calls this Irish apple cake "similar to a coffee cake" with its tart apple flavor and buttery streusel topping. To prepare, you'll first cream together the butter and sugar, then mix together your dry ingredients and combine to form the batter. You'll need a food processor to make the crumb topping for this Irish apple cake. Once the topping is finished and spread across the top of the batter, you'll pop the pan into the oven to cook for about an hour.

Recipe: Irish Apple Cake

81. German Bierocks

These German bierocks are bread rolls stuffed with meat and cabbage that have seemingly descended from the heavens with their flaky, fluffy crust and hearty fillings. For the filling for Mashed's version of German bierocks, you'll use yellow onion, green cabbage, and ground beef. To make these little rolls of joy, first up you'll have to make the dough for the rolls, then cook together the filling and assemble the bierocks. Cooking time is about 40 minutes.

Recipe: German Bierocks

82. Syrian Muhammara

Making muhammara is super simple and super quick — we're talking two minutes quick. The result is a dish you can serve as a dip or spread onto a sandwich or wrap. Muhammara always contains plenty of red peppers, but Mashed's version subs bread crumbs and walnuts for the traditional bulgur wheat. Recipe developer Miriam Hahn calls the taste "strong and savory with a hint of lemon." If you plan to serve this muhammara as a dip, be sure to have plenty of naan or pita bread triangles on hand.

Recipe: Syrian Muhammara

83. Japanese Donkatsu

Donkatsu translates literally to "pork cutlets" and is a popular street food dish in Japan, traditionally served with a special barbecue sauce. Preparing the donkatsu is just like preparing a breaded chicken cutlet; you'll coat the pork in panko bread crumbs then fry them up in oil, being sure to cook them evenly on both sides. Recipe developer Cecilia Ryu recommends serving the finished donkatsu with some shredded cabbage to "help cut the greasiness and aid in digesting."

Recipe: Japanese Donkatsu

84. Salvadoran Pupusas

Head down to Central America to the small country of El Salvador to taste one of the most popular dishes in the nation: pupusas! Pupusas are made with masa harina — a dough made of cornmeal — and stuffed with cheese, pork, and beans. Making pupusas is fairly easy; you'll simply prepare the dough and filling, stuff the pupusas, and fry the pockets in some oil. Recipe developer Jennifer En recommends serving your finished pupusas with cabbage slaw.

Recipe: Salvadoran Pupusas

85. Belgian Liege Waffles

According to HuffPost, there are two types of waffles in Belgium: the Brussels waffle and the Liege waffle, each named after their respective cities. This recipe for the Liege waffle results in a waffle that is dense and has a sugary, caramelized flavor. Recipe developer Jessica Morone put together this recipe that requires you to prepare the dough, add the pearl sugar, and then cook the waffles in a waffle iron. Try the finished product without any toppings first, but then feel free to add fruits and whipped cream, if desired.

Recipe: Belgian Liege Waffles

86. Korean Kimchi

Recipe developer Eric Ngo provides you with this recipe for baechu kimchi, or napa cabbage kimchi. Ngo notes that some of the ingredients for this recipe may be harder to find, so try visiting a Korean or Asian market or use one of the substitutions Ngo provides. After you prepare the kimchi, you'll move it to an airtight container to ferment at room temperature for one to two days, during which the kimchi will take on its sour characteristics.

Recipe: Korean Kimchi

87. Cuban Instant Pot Vaca Frita

Here at Mashed, we love our Instant Pots because they help us prepare all kinds of recipes, especially ones that might otherwise be more difficult, quickly and with ease. This vaca frita recipe is no different as the Instant Pot will soften the flank steak so you can shred it easily without having to tenderize the meat beforehand. After cooking the beef, you'll make the mojo sauce to marinate the beef with, fry it up, then garnish with sautéed onions.

Recipe: Cuban Instant Pot Vaca Frita

88. British Toad in the Hole

Per Culture Trip, Toad in the Hole is traditionally an English breakfast dish that allowed families to maximize their supply of pricey meat. It's so tasty the recipe has persevered and is still served today. The dish essentially consists of English bangers surrounded by a batter seasoned with mustard, rosemary, and thyme which will cook up into a flaky crust. Recipe developer Hayley MacLean recommends serving this Toad in the Hole with maple syrup or onion gravy.

Recipe: British Toad in the Hole

89. Mexican Mole

Recipe developer Angela Latimer says that at its core, mole is simply a sauce made of Mexican chocolate and different types of chili peppers. Latimer has simplified an otherwise sometimes complicated and time-consuming recipe into one you can prepare in just under an hour, so you'll be pouring this delicious sauce over your enchiladas in no time. Be sure to make extra for all your Mexican dishes, as you can store leftovers in the fridge for up to five days and in the freezer for even longer.

Recipe: Mexican Mole