Why Chefs Never Buy Premade Guacamole

Ask just about any guacamole purist, and they'll tell you that buying the dip premade is not a good idea. According to Cheap Recipe Blog, store-bought guacamole has an off flavor, which could be due to it being loaded with preservatives, artificial colors, or other ingredients that aren't in a traditional guacamole recipe. A more obvious reason to be on team homemade guac is that the packaged stuff will never taste as fresh. A handmade blend of avocados, lime juice, and other natural flavorings not only tastes incredibly bright and clean, but it's also packed with a variety of health benefits, according to UPMC, making guacamole a nutritious snack when consumed in moderation.

The key to great guacamole is the proper balance of avocado, acid, and other seasonings. Pre-made guacamole often lacks in the lime, herb, salt, and spices department, making it taste "pretty bland," states Mexicali Blue. While the blog offers ways to liven up the flavor of your store-bought guacamole, many chefs agree that the only way to get fresh, perfectly balanced guacamole that hits all of your personal tastes is to make it yourself.

Why fresh is best

One chef you'll never catch buying premade guacamole is Oscar del Rivero of Jaguar Hospitality Group, who told Food & Wine that the packaging process removes many of the pleasures of eating any fruit or vegetable. He went so far as to say that even an avocado that was opened just two hours before turning into guacamole goes through some degree of oxidation, meaning a packaged guacamole sitting on the shelf for weeks has "a gigantic difference in the color, texture, and flavor." One reason why store-bought guacamole might taste so different from the fresh stuff is known as high pressure technology, which involves placing the guacamole under high water pressure to prevent harmful bacteria from making their way into the mix. Traditionally, the most "pressure" guacamole gets is a light pounding in a molcajete

In addition to consistency, flavor, and freshness, there are other reasons why many chefs don't opt for premade guacamole. One opinion is that by making it from scratch, you're able to be creative with your guacamole. The Buddhist Chef says that by experimenting with a classic guacamole recipe, you can "find your balance according to your taste," whether that comes from a hint of garlic, a dash of habanero, or a squeeze of lemon. This ensures that every bite of your next chip and dip night is nothing but fulfilling.