Budweiser Brings In Kevin Bacon For 6-Degrees Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser is back once again with a thought-provoking Super Bowl commercial. For years, the industry giants have released ad spots with emotional messages, including the famed "Stand by You" ad that aired during the 2018 game. The one-minute video follows Budweiser factory workers as they quickly substitute beer for water in alternative cans. At the end of the clip, it becomes apparent the companies' mission was to donate water to citizens affected by natural disasters and in need of clean drinking water.

Another way the brand has tugged on the heartstrings of viewers is with its iconic Clydesdale horses. "As icons of the brand — and relevant symbols of integrity, perfection and team spirit for all generations — they are important to the brand and our campaigns," read a previous statement from Anheuser-Busch. And icons they are, which is evident by Twitter — which can't get enough of the majestic horses. "The Budweiser Clydesdales came to town! They were so beautiful," one user wrote upon meeting the horses in person. Another Clydesdale fan is more into the commercial than they are the game. "I've decided I will be cheering for the Budweiser Clydesdales this SuperBowl," they wrote.

And this year, the brand's commercial is enlisting another icon to help: Kevin Bacon — and don't worry, the horses will be present.

The ad will only air to select markets

Modeled after the 1994 game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (via NPR), the 2023 Super Bowl ad by Budweiser shows the journey of a six-pack of beer as it's passed around to six very different individuals (per YouTube). Each person grabs a beer, until the last one is offered to the commercial's viewer (via People). The original inspiration was meant to show that no matter who the game kicks off with, all roads will lead back to the "Footloose" star in six individuals or less. 

To pay homage to the concept, Budweiser asked Bacon to serve as the ad's voiceover. "It wasn't until I actually saw the spot that I said to myself, 'Oh, that's right. A six-pack is six degrees of connection,'" Bacon said of the commercial. "I've always felt that the actual [six degrees] idea, which, by the way, existed many years before I was attached to it ... is a beautiful concept" (per People). 

Unexpectedly, though, you'll only see the commercial if you live within its target audience, Variety reveals. Instead of airing nationally, it will only appear across 14 different markets. Budweiser made this decision in 2021, too, though at that point, it had been its first time not airing nationally.