Here's Why TikTok Can't Get Enough Cottage Cheese

Cheese is a widely-used, versatile delicacy that can elevate any dish to new heights. Whether you're layering it atop your go-to Chipotle bowl, preparing fresh pupusas, or turning it into a game-day cheese dip, there are endless ways to utilize cheese in its many forms. Although it's a beloved ingredient, cheese isn't exactly ... sightly. After all, cheese is made possible by infamously yucky-looking organisms like bacteria, fungi, and yeast, per a 2012 study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.

Among the strangest, smelliest of cheeses, one of the most ostracized variations on the cheese wheel is cottage cheese. While its milky, watery consistency and bubbly texture lend to its bad reputation, cottage cheese is actually low in calories, high in protein, and lower in fat than many other kinds of cheese (via Verywell Fit). And thanks to TikTok, cottage cheese is finally having its much-deserved moment in the sun as the social media platform's food influencers are showing the world just how good ugly cheese can be. I mean, hey, if @BakedByMelissa says it's good, it's probably pretty dang good.

TikTok is inspired by the many ways you can use cottage cheese

Just like dances, pranks, and out-of-pocket challenges, recipes can go viral in the blink of an eye on TikTok. So when a foodie with millions of followers says a recipe is a must-try — you try it. And like TikTok's feta pasta recipe, droves of health-conscious cheese heads are adding cottage cheese to their grocery list. But what is it about cottage cheese that has TikTok raving? Simple: it's healthy and versatile.

San Diego-based Nutritionist @stayfitwithstevi says cottage cheese is a perfect ingredient for a no-hassle, high-protein breakfast with simple ingredients: toast, cottage cheese, honey, and Everything but The Bagel seasoning. Another Tiktok user tosses hers with diced cucumber, tomato, and Trader Joe's onion salt. And for anyone not fond of the flavor but still wanting the benefits of cottage cheese, health coach @ryankassim dresses up his cottage cheese with Everything seasoning and avocado for a flavorful snack that anyone will love. TikTok creator @powerofshowing up even shared a sweet-tooth killing, whipped-cottage cheese parfait with blueberry and lemon. Cottage cheese for lunch ... and dessert?!

Don't fall victim to ugly-shaming cottage cheese. Instead, join the movement and add your own flair to the lovingly unattractive cheese — after all, there's certainly not a shortage of combinations to try.