The Best Whiskey Gifts To Buy For Valentine's Day

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Roses and chocolates are the cliche Valentine's Day gift, but they aren't the most personalized if your Valentine happens to be an avid whiskey drinker. Thankfully, chocolate is one of those flavors that tends to go well with an oak-infused whiskey (or especially with a sweet corn-heavy bourbon). So it's pretty easy to come up with the perfect gift for the person you love that sticks with the spirit of Valentine's Day, but also honors the second love in their heart — a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks. 

Whether it's a special occasion bottle or a romantic item from a whiskey distiller's merchandise shop, there are plenty of gift options for the whiskey-drinking partner in your life. To help make your shopping experience even easier, we decided to round up 15 of the best whiskey gifts to give someone for Valentine's Day. All you'll need to do is pick your favorite, and don't forget to grab that box of chocolates on February 14 to complete the most romantic booze-infused gift possible. 

Four Roses Bourbon & Osmo Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt

Four Roses isn't just a bourbon with a romantic sounding name. It's also a beloved blend that has a fun collaboration meant for spending Valentine's Day at home whipping up craft cocktails. The brand teamed up with salt maker Osmo to release a Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt that sweetens up any bourbon cocktail or whiskey on the rocks when added to the rim. The sweet and savory salt also tastes delicious when sprinkled on food, especially sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies. 

Four Roses has several of recipes on its website for cocktails including the salt, but it's such a versatile ingredient that you can get creative at home. Reserve Bar sells a kit including a 750 mL bottle of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon and the salt for $60 as of February 2023. "I'm so obsessed already," one fan of the collaboration wrote on Osmo Salt's Instagram page. 

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Praline Pecans

A more traditional whiskey-inspired Valentine's Day gift is a box of candy – booze-infused candy, that is. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is a classic booze at any bar, and the brand captured the flavor of its whiskey in a box of sweet praline pecans. The treats are salty and sweet with just the right amount of Jack Daniel's flavor added to the Wheeler's pecan. The nutty bite would be great on its own, with a glass of Jack Daniel's on the rocks, or incorporated into other dishes and desserts, such as on a charcuterie board. 

A 12-oz tin of pecans sells for $22 from the Jack Daniel's online merchandise shop, and it's also available from other specialty outlets. "Great gift if you don't eat them all first," one World Market customer wrote in a review of the Jack Daniel's pralines, adding "I've enjoyed them in the past. Great to add to the top of bread pudding or sweet potato casserole." 

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon with flask

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon would make a great gift for any occasion to add to a whiskey lover's home bar. To make it a bit more special for Valentine's Day, we suggest buying the Noble Oak bundle that includes a 750 mL bottle of bourbon and a limited edition WoodChuck flask. The bourbon itself is marked by notes of oak, honey, and baking spices, making it great for sipping straight out of a custom flask. 

The Noble Oak bundle is also a gift that keeps on giving. For every flask bundle bought, the distillery and WoodChuck will plant one tree, in line with both Noble Oak's and WoodChuck's overall mission to help the planet. It's even more romantic if your Valentine is an eco-conscious whiskey drinker who can feel even better about receiving a useful gift. The bundle sells for $68 on Reserve Bar as of February 2023. 

Hudson Whiskey Four Party Harmony

Embracing harmony with your significant other is what Valentine's Day is all about. And Hudson Whiskey's Four Part Harmony is an ideal way to do that with your partner. It is a four-grain bourbon that's worth savoring and perfect for gifting. The New York distillery aged these bottles for a minimum of 7 years at 46% ABV, and it's the first aged option from the brand on the market. Four Part Harmony features a majority of corn blended with rye, wheat, and malted barley for a blend of sweet, oak, pepper, and malt flavors. 

"From the first sip this became my all time favorite Bourbon," one customer raved on Hudson Whiskey's website, adding "I've tried others but no other bourbon has of yet come to equal my love of the 4 grain." A 750 mL bottle of Hudson Whiskey's Four Party Harmony sells for $80 on Drizly as of February 2023, meaning it's definitely a thoughtful gift for someone to have on their bar for special occasion drinking, such as a Valentine's Day night cap. 

Crown Royal Luxury Bathrobe

You can gift your favorite Crown Royal Canadian Whisky drinker the gift of an at-home spa treatment this Valentine's Day thanks to the brand's creative merchandising department. Crown Royal sells a purple luxury bathrobe that's fluffy and complete with the whisky brand's signature royal logo. It's a robe fit for the king (or queen) of your Valentine's Day celebration, and the booze brand sells it for $65 on Crown Royal's online merchandise website. 

To make the gift even more complete, you can add a bottle of Crown Royal Fine Deluxe Blended Canadian Whisky, so the receiver can rightfully relax in their branded robe with a drink in their hand. It's only right, as the robe will make whoever is wearing it look similar to the ornate whisky bottle in the classic purple pouch it is sold in. Drizly sells the classic 1-liter bottle of Crown Royal for just over $40 as of February 2023. 

Woodford Reserve And John Kelly Chocolates

There's no going wrong with buying a bottle of whiskey and a box of chocolates for your Valentine this year. And Woodford Reserve has made it easy by teaming up with John Kelly chocolates for a treat that's perfect when paired with bourbon on the rocks. The 4-piece Woodford Reserve chocolate assortment comes with two pieces each of two different flavors of decadent dark chocolate — one with French Grey sea salt and the other with walnuts. John Kelly Chocolates sells the box for $20 and it comes wrapped up festively for Valentine's Day. 

The brand recommends sipping on either Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey or Woodford Reserve Double Oaked with the chocolates. A 750 mL bottle of the robust Double Oaked sells for a little over $50 on Total Wine as of February 2023. "This bourbon was smooth, smooth, smooth. The gift recipient said it was the best bourbon he's ever had, and he's a regular consumer of bourbon and other whiskeys," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review of the bottle.

Jameson Personalized Whiskey Fan Gift Set

If your significant other is someone who is always ordering shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey at the bar, the brand offers the ultimate personalized gift set perfect for showing your Valentine some love. The set comes with a 5-oz hip flask that can be personalized with engravings and a set of two tumbler glasses to share. And both are totally decked out in Jameson logos. It's perfect for drinking on-the-go or for displaying someone's love of the liquor front and center of their home bar setup. Jameson sells the gift set for $50, including the personalization. 

To complete the gift, you can add a bottle of Jameson so your Valentine doesn't have to wait to try out their gift. Drizly sells a 750 mL bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey for about $30 as of February 2023. "You really can't go wrong. It's iconic," one Drizly customer wrote of the beloved Irish whiskey brand. 

High West Bourbon And Dopp Kit

High West Bourbon is another bottle great for gifting to the whiskey connoisseur you love this Valentine's Day. To make the gift even more special, the brand has a craft line of merchandise that is meant to be gifted, such as the dopp kit. High West's Dopp Kit is made in the U.S. from waxed canvas featuring leather accents and closes with a zipper. It's intended purpose is for packing personal hygiene products in while traveling, but it also makes a great container for an on-the-go bar kit for a picnic or beach day. High West sells its dopp kit for $55. 

You can easily add a bottle of the blended bourbon from High West, which sells for $34 at Total Wine as of February 2023. "This is my favorite sippin' whiskey. It has a nice caramel flavor with subtle notes of maple and vanilla," one Total Wine customer wrote of the flavor of the bourbon. 

Dalmore Scotch-Infused Chocolates

Your Valentine can enjoy scotch and chocolate in one with Vosges Haut-Chocolat's Scotch-infused truffles that are as decadent as candy comes. The brand's Dalmore 14 Year Collection is infused with Dalmore 14-year Scotch whisky, making it a perfect treat to enjoy while sipping on a glass. The flavors are rich and complex with three of each in every box. "I bought the Dalmore collection for Father's Day just so I had an excuse to try it. So beautiful," one fan of the collaboration wrote on Vosges Haut-Chocolat's Instagram. 

The Dalmore 14 flavor has dark chocolate, burnt sugar caramel, and a whisky-soaked candied pecan on top. Then there's the Chiba Hateruma, featuring another blend of brown sugar caramel and dark chocolate, but paired with Japanese Chiba peanuts. Finally, the Naga flavor features homemade toasted curry masala, coconut puree, and deep milk chocolate for a truly luscious bite. Vosges Chocolate sells the Dalmore 14 Year Collection for $42, containing nine pieces of chocolate total, as of February 2023. 

WhistlePig Sparkle Maple Old Fashioned Kit

Valentine's Day is also about showering the one you love with special attention, and there's no better way to do that than by making them a strong cocktail showered in glitter. WhistlePig has the perfect gift set that is equal parts functional and just plain fun. The WhistlePig Sparkle Maple Old Fashioned Kit is what cocktail dreams are made of. 

The $100 kit comes with a bottle of PiggyBack 100% Rye that is great for making mixed drinks or sipping straight up. Then, the brand throws in a bottle of their Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, but a special edition that's adorned with sparkles. It's as magical as it sounds. To up the whimsy, the gift set is complete with a Pig Head Pour Spout to make pouring shots easier and more on-brand for WhistlePig fans. It's the ultimate gift set that any whiskey lover would be elated to receive on Valentine's Day and beyond. 

Off Hours Bourbon Happy Hour Bundle

Off Hours Bourbon has the perfect gift bundle to pamper someone you love on Valentine's Day with little extra things to make the day special. The Happy Hour Bundle comes with a 750 mL bottle of Off Hours Bourbon, of course, that's been aged for more than 6 years. It's great to sip on its own, but the bundle also includes a recipe card to make an Irish Coffee cocktail out of the spirit. "Purchased for a bourbon tasting event with colleagues and this was highly rated among 10 different Bourbons we sampled. Nice flavor finish with the cinnamon-vanilla hints [that] leave a great after finish to the pallet," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review of the bottle. 

Once the receiver tries their new favorite bourbon, they can show off their love in a white Off Hours Imperial Rope hat that's stylish and versatile. The romance factor comes into play with the Off Hours hand-poured candle that smells as good as it looks. Off Hours sells its Happy Hour bundle for $80 as of February 2023, which isn't a bad deal considering the bourbon alone sells for $45 at Total Wine.

Bulleit Flask

Bulleit Bourbon is a common bar order for bourbon drinkers who rely on it to be a tasty staple. It may very well be the favorite bar order of your Valentine, who might need to receive a Bulleit Flask made by WoodChuck USA for their on-the-go drinking needs. The flask is made out of real wood with stainless steel accents and can hold 3 ounces of booze (preferably Bulleit). It has a screw top and a funnel to make filling it up easier. And it's another product you can feel good about buying because the producers, Woodchuck USA, plant a tree for every flask sold. 

The Bulleit Bourbon wood flask can make an easy and budget-friendly Valentine's Day gift for $45. To save your partner the hassle of buying the booze to fill it, a 750 mL bottle of Bulleit Bourbon sells for $33 on Drizly as of February 2023. "I will never buy another Bourbon. It is simply the best," one Drizly customer wrote in a review of the bottle. 

Maker's Mark Premium Bourbon Truffles

There really is no such thing as too much chocolate on Valentine's Day, so we wanted to make sure to hunt down plenty of options based on your Valentine's whiskey preferences. For the Maker's Mark lovers of the world, the brand sells a decadent 4-pack of milk chocolate Handmade Premium Bourbon Truffles with just a hint of Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey infused inside. "Just the right amount of smoky Bourbon balanced with high end chocolate. I'll definitely buy these again," one customer wrote in a review of the truffles on Maker's Mark's website.

A box of these bourbon chocolates, which the brand's merchandise shop sells for about $10, along with a bottle of Maker's Mark is a foolproof gift for the loved one in your life that will cost you less than $50 total. As of February 2023, Drizly sells a 750 mL bottle of Maker's Mark Bourbon whiskey for $32. 

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Solid Cologne

Fragrances of all kinds make for great Valentine's Day gifts, whether you're wrapping up flowers, perfume, or fancy candles. One option for the bourbon lover in your life is Buffalo Trace and Duke Cannon's collaboration for Bourbon Solid Cologne. It might sound intimidating, but it's the product your Valentine doesn't know they need. The smell of the solid cologne, which sells on the distillery's merchandise website for $25 is reminiscent of Buffalo Trace oak barrels, so it's earthy and warm. 

To complete the Valentine's gift, you can easily get a budget-friendly bottle of Buffalo Trace Bourbon for $25 at Total Wine as of February 2023. "Bourbon doesn't get much better than this. In fact, this tastes better than everything I've touched less than $1,000 a bottle and if I'm being honest, I think it may be the best," one Buffalo Trace fan wrote in a review of the bottle on Total Wine's website. 

Old Forester 86 Proof Chocolates

A final chocolate option that is also friendly on the wallet is a 4-pack of Old Forester 86 Proof Truffles, which sells for $12 on the distillery's merch website. The treats, made by Art Eatables in Louisville, Kentucky, take dark chocolate ganache and transform it into a truffle that melts in your mouth. Thanks to the addition of the bourbon, there are plenty of flavors of oak, vanilla, and baking spices with a slight hint of cherry. It makes for a great treat alongside an Old Fashioned, made with Old Forester 86 Proof of course. 

A 750 mL bottle of Old Forester 86 Proof is also a solid value, selling for $25 on Drizly as of February 2023. "Smooth, great taste (with club soda) and a great value. This has been included as one of my faves," one Drizly customer wrote in a review of the bottle. 

Buffalo Trace Natural Bourbon Infused Coffee

If your valentine loves whiskey and can't live without a cup of strong java, we have found a perfect present that couples these strong brews into an aromatic, harmonious blend. Buffalo Trace is behind this genius bourbon-flavored coffee packed into single-use pods that are a breeze to use.

Inside the pods, you will find 100% premium Arabica coffee flavored with Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The coffee also has additional flavorings, resulting in a blend combining a complex range of aromas reminiscent of vanilla, roasted nuts, and caramel. This is a medium roast coffee, so expect a perfectly balanced profile with a good amount of intense flavors and potency, all partnered with a gentle framework and incredibly smooth mouthfeel. Buffalo Trace Bourbon Infused Coffee is not one of the products where bourbon is only evident in the name. The distinctive bourbon character is noticeable in aroma and flavor, so reserve this only for true bourbon fans.

The box with 42 single-serve coffee pods is currently available on Amazon, and you can get it for $25.49. The pods can be used in all single-serve coffee makers.

The NEAT glass

Tasting glasses are always a good gift for whiskey fans, but you can up your game with new NEAT glasses that perform better than a standard tulip glass and promise an upgraded whiskey-tasting experience.

The NEAT glass was released in 2012 as a revolutionary product designed for tasting all strong spirits. The glass is made from lead-free crystalline and has an ingenious design that enables the taster to better understand the aromatics. The glass has a typical curved design that initiates swirling, which helps to release all the lovely aromas, while the tight neck helps separate the aromas from the alcohol. While the alcohol is concentrated on the wide rim, all the pleasant whiskey aromas remain in the center, allowing the taster to better detect the aromatic profile without the intrusion of the potent alcoholic whiff. The superiority of the NEAT glass is best evident in the fact that many major spirit competitions feature it as the official glass. The glass also agrees better with more sensitive noses that are more easily restrained by potent ethanol.

NEAT glasses can make a great gift for novice drinkers, but they are also excellent for experienced whiskey aficionados and will blend into any tasting set. You can currently order NEAT glasses from the official website. They come in the classic and elite version — which includes a bigger pedestal — and can be bought individually or in pre-packed sets. Standard NEAT is priced at $11.95, while the elite version can be purchased for $14.95.

Aged & Charred Whiskey Infusion Kit

This is the perfect gift for those who like to experiment with whiskey or bourbon. Aged & Charred has designed the infusion kit for new and seasoned whiskey connoisseurs and can use it with homemade brews or favorite bottled drams. The kit consists of a glass bottle attached to a removable infusion filter and six infusions, all packed inside an elegant box, making it perfect for gift-giving.

This infusion kit is distinguished by its size. It includes extra-large infusion packages that can be used for 24 full bottles, while the vessel can hold up to 750ml of liquid, which means that your favorite whiskey fan can make many customized batches. The flavors inside the kit include orange peel, cinnamon, oak wood chips, cherry wood chips, pecan wood chips, and peach wood chips. They can be used individually, but adventurous whiskey makers can play with the combinations to achieve ultimate personal whiskey expressions.

The kit is incredibly easy to use, as everything is assembled inside the vessel. The chosen flavor is nestled inside the infusion section, and all that is left to do is attach the piece to the glass bottle and pour the whiskey. It takes only 24 hours to make a batch of flavored whiskey, but the intensity can be increased by leaving the infusion to rest for longer. At the time of this writing, you can get this neat kit at the official Aged & Charred website for $69.99, which includes free shipping and a gift-wrapping option.