Ben Stiller And Steve Martin Go On A Mocking Spree For Pepsi Super Bowl Ad

On February 12, millions worldwide will watch the biggest sports event of the year: Super Bowl LVII. And while this game welcomes historic firsts and marks the musical return of megastar Rihanna as the halftime performer, there is one more star of the show: the commercials. This year, beverage behemoth Pepsi has united comedy legends Steve Martin and Ben Stiller for a hilarious teaser for their Super Bowl ad for Pepsi Zero Sugar.

For years now, watching the commercials have been a considerable part of the Super Bowl experience, and with so many eyes on the game, advertisers pay top dollar to get on screen. According to NBC Philadelphia, a 30-second ad buy at this year's competition costs an estimated $7 million. In recent years, brands have teased the game day clips to generate excitement and avoid being eclipsed by other viral ads during the game. With that in mind, Pepsi is already starting to generate some buzz over the comedy duo's presence.

Clash of the comics during the Super Bowl

When trading jabs, it's seldom wise to go against a comedian. They are used to throwing quick-witted jabs at hecklers during their shows. However, what happens when two comedic geniuses team up to trade insults and one-up each other? Two hilarious teasers have dropped previewing Pepsi Zero Sugar's Super Bowl commercial starring comedy legends Ben Stiller and Steve Martin (per Twitter and YouTube).

While the Kansas City Chiefs will battle the Philadelphia Eagles during the game, it appears Stiller and Martin will do battle via words beside two Pepsi cans (per E! News). Watching Martin call Stiller a "Nepo Baby" might be one of the coldest, most unexpected comebacks at the Super Bowl. The joke featured in the second teaser clip refers to Stiller being the son of actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (via Today). You don't have to feel too bad for Stiller, though. He's quick to tell Martin that he's "lucky to be here."

Can't wait to see the SNL veterans' full commercial? Keep your eyes peeled during the game on Sunday, February 13, to see the hilarious duo's insult battle.