Pepsi Is Dropping A New Zero Sugar Formula Just In Time For NFL Playoffs

As people become more conscious of their sugar intake, diet and zero-sugar soft drinks have become a staple in the soda world. While there may be some questions regarding the healthiness of sugar substitutes, some research says that people who consume sugar-free beverages crave less food than those who consume sugar through soda regularly (via NPR). "We found if you're drinking soft drinks without calories it behaves exactly like drinking water," Aarhus University Hospital's Bjorn Richelsen explained, stating that diet soft drinks have a "neutral" impact on appetite.

In the future, it's possible you'll see less diet soda in stores — and less diet everything. Per CNN, this change has much to do with the two youngest generations. PepsiCo's chief marketing officer Greg Lyons stated that "younger people just don't like the word 'diet.'" Using that knowledge, Pepsi is now reinventing its zero-sugar formula to taste more like the original product.

Fans have a chance to win a free soda

Announced today in a press release, Pepsi is launching a new zero-sugar formula that's meant to be more refreshing and taste more similarly to cola. The advertisement, along with the slogan "zero never tasted so good," is set to air on numerous broadcasts, such as the upcoming Super Bowl LVII. To celebrate the new release, the brand is gifting 10 million free sodas. Those hoping to qualify must text FREE PEPSI to 81234 during the playoffs and FREE ZERO during the Super Bowl to the same number.

It's unclear what exactly about the recipe will change. Currently, the soda is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium.

In a Reddit thread from one year ago, users debated in a poll if Pepsi Zero or Coke Zero is better. Coke beat out Pepsi, but only by a single point, one that could potentially be made up with the new mixture. "They are both good for zero sugar. I will drink either but think the Pepsi taste better," another user said of the original formula. Fans will just have to see if the new Pepsi Zero lives up to the hype the brand is creating around it.