Heart-Shaped Cheese Pizza Arrives At Aldi In Time For Valentine's Day

Who doesn't love a heart-shaped treat on Valentine's Day? If you don't have a sweet tooth, you may want something other than the usual chocolate heart. Or maybe you just want something savory for a Valentine's day meal. Either way, Aldi has got you. This year you can share a heart-shaped pizza with your Valentine, or your "Palentine."

While pizza may not seem like a typical Valentine's Day treat, you may have fond memories of bonding while sharing a slice or two with someone special. Pizza is so often a social food, whether you enjoy it during movie night with family, a pal's night out, or on a date. Research published in Frontiers in Psychology found that shared meals may even strengthen bonds between people.

As Vice observed, sharing a pizza pie with someone may give you insights into how they relate to others. You learn whether someone enjoys sharing and asks before taking the last slice, or whether they race to get as many pieces as possible. We previously featured heart-shaped pizza in our list of romantic foods for Valentine's Day, perhaps because it's such a popular food to share. If you know someone well, Aldi's heart-shaped pizza can be an easy and delicious way to show you care.

A-pizza my heart

If a Valentine's Day with a simple meal and a night in sound good to you, you're not alone. A survey by Ferrero Rocher found 80% of participants said they would rather enjoy a night in with their partner than dine out on Valentine's Day (per SWNS Digital). Maybe some people prefer a night in since restaurants are often crowded and prices may be high due to rising food prices. But just because you're avoid a restaurant, doesn't mean you can't bring your favorites home, like pizza.

For an easy Valentine's Day meal, simply pair a pizza with your favorite beverage and a simple side dish, like a salad. If you're familiar with Aldi's pizza, you may already know about Mama Cozzi's Pizza. For Valentine's Day, Aldi is selling Mama Cozzi's "Pizza My Heart," a limited-edition Aldi Find. Like other finds from the grocer, they are only around while supplies last. "Pizza My Heart" only comes topped with cheese, but you can easily customize it with your favorite toppings if you prefer. If you need some pizza topping inspiration, we've ranked 38 pizza toppings you may want to try out.