The London Coffee Shop That Has Been In Business For 136 Years

One of the world's oldest cities, London, England, has been thriving for nearly two thousand years. Home to history's most brutal and triumphant rulers, London has grown into a fast-paced cosmopolitan city known for its persisting influence on art, fashion, beauty, and politics (per Britannica). Walking through its ancient, cobblestone streets, tourists and locals alike can find designer retailers, famed museums, and of course, a diverse, world-renowned food and drink culture.

Although times change and the hustle and bustle of London transforms with new generations, some things in the city remain the same. Enter Algerian Coffee Stores — the 136-year-old coffee store that continues to withstand the test of time. Located in the heart of SoHo, the humble coffee store was opened in 1887 by an Algerian man called "Mr. Hassan." The coffeehouse had a handful of owners until the 1940s when the English-Italian Crocetta family took its reins — the Corcetta's still own and operate Algerian Coffee Stores some 80 years later (per CNN). Marisa Corcetta, who has worked there for her entire life, told CNN that the shop is "like our home." And like any good coffee shop, Algerian Coffee Stores is as homey as it gets. 

Algerian Coffee Stores is no-frills, but has plenty to offer

When you walk into Algerian Coffee Stores, it seems unmoved by the passage of time. Its enduring charm lies not only in its vintage atmosphere and crimson-red storefront, but also in its abundant collection of tea, coffee, and handy gizmos.

While you can't order a Venti oat milk latte from Algerian Coffee Stores, you can grab a cheap espresso or cappuccino and shop a generous selection of over 80 coffees, 120 teas, and various barista tools and instruments (per Algerian Coffee Stores). It's safe to say this old London outpost is dedicated to keeping the city caffeinated with quality coffee beans and tea leaves. According to its website, Algerian Coffee Stores also boasts a confectionery featuring tasty treats like hot cocoa, cookies, cake, and even charcuterie-ready jams and cheese.

The official Yelp page is beaming with five-star reviews with customers describing the shop as "exotic," and a "real surprise" with "dirt cheap prices." One customer described Algerian Coffee Stores as a "treasure trove to coffee and tea lovers."

In addition to the timeless coffee store's brick-and-mortar residence, it also has a wide selection of coffee, tea, tools, and treats available for online purchases. For those in the UK, Algerian Coffee Stores offers free shipping on orders over 50 pounds. If you're shopping internationally, you can email to receive a shipping estimate.

Long live Algerian Coffee Stores!