Taylor Swift Assigned The Swifties To Lower Egg Prices At The Grammy's

It's no secret that the price of eggs has soared in the past year. We all watched as egg prices burst through the roof for the third time last year in October. Eggs are no longer the staple of budget cooking that they once were. The price of a dozen eggs in December of 2021 was $1.79 (per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Over the course of the next year, according to the Consumer Price Index, egg prices would face an unheard-of 60% inflation. According to Today, those who buy more specialty eggs, such as organic eggs, may have to expect to pay as much as $1 an egg. So much for a budget buy.

But have faith, readers, hope may be on the horizon. One American has taken it on their shoulders to end the eggflation crisis. Singer Taylor Swift may be our last hope in the price tag wars going on in the egg section at the grocery store.

Swift to end eggflation?

Singer Taylor Swift has one loyal fan army. The Swifties, as they're called, have been nominated for a 2023 iHeartRadio Best Fan Army award. This is not Swift's first nomination, but it would be her first time taking home the Fan Army award (per iHeartRadio). The artist has sold 22.4 million albums or their digital equivalents as of 2022 (per Universal Music). If that doesn't blow your mind, consider that her music has been streamed 36.6 million times. All of that adds up to a fan army of millions. And at the 2023 Grammy, Swift set a lofty goal for her loyal fan army.

During the show, host Trevor Noah, formerly of "The Daily Show," approached Swift about what her Swifties could accomplish (per Grammy Awards & TikTok). Noah was of course referring to the disgruntled Swifties recent victories over concert monopolist, Ticketmaster, leading to lawsuits and even congressional hearings on the monopoly (per Mediaite). Noah requested that the Swifties turn their attention next to conquering the price of eggs. "There's really nothing that they can't accomplish," said Swift of whether her fans could handle the request, adding, "They'll get on it." 

There you have it, folks. Put away those egg substitutes. No need to worry about the price of eggs anymore, because Taylor Swift's legions of fans will attack this problem like a dog with a bone.