Why Starbucks Employees Want You To Order Food First

We get it. Sometimes you're in a rush to get to work or you just really need your morning caffeine, and it can be difficult to remain patient while your Starbucks barista puts your drink together. However, there are many ways you can improve the efficiency of the whole ordering process.

Our first hack is to use the Starbucks app to order in advance. While Starbucks does not prioritize mobile orders, this feature allows you to order before you even leave home. This way, your coffee can be ready to go by the time you arrive at Starbucks. 

Our second hack applies to ordering in person at Starbucks. Tell your barista which size you want, whether or not you want ice, then any customizations. Per Cosmopolitan, this particular way of ordering allows baristas to start your drink more quickly, without having to backtrack to clarify other details.

And what about getting food? Well, don't you worry — that's where our third hack comes into play. This little food-ordering trick will help you get your yummy Starbucks sandwich a little sooner.

Why you should order your Starbuck's food first

Similarly to how the way you place your Starbucks drink order affects how quickly it can be started, the way you order food can also affect speed. Think about it — whatever gets ordered first is probably going to be started first. According to The Takeout, this is precisely why you should order your food first, then your drink. Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, for example, take longer to prepare than most drinks, so if you order a sandwich first, a barista can get started on making it while you're still ordering your drink.

This way of ordering is especially important when you're ordering for a group of people. While Starbucks baristas would like you to keep in mind that they are not caterers, they'll do their best to help you; and you can help them in return by ordering all food items before you start ordering drinks. Using this method of ordering, you can cut back the amount of time you spend waiting for your food and instead spend more time enjoying it.