TikTok Is Furious About Starbucks Allegedly Prioritizing Mobile Orders

Ever since Starbucks launched its mobile ordering system back in 2015, customers have had problems with it. According to Forbes, the chain even didn't grow as expected in 2016 and pointed to customers getting upset with in-store wait times and walking out as the reason. As you can imagine, enabling customers to order online — which theoretically should be faster — dramatically increases the number of orders needing to be fulfilled, therefore increasing everyone's wait time. Not ideal.

To make matters worse, many customers don't fully understand how the mobile ordering system works, leading them to take out their frustration on employees. Honestly, it's no wonder Starbucks baristas hate mobile orders so much. But does ordering through the app mean you'll get your pumpkin spice latte faster? Several TikTokers seem to think so and made videos and comments to express their anger about their perception that mobile orders were prioritized over in-store customers.

What TikTokers are saying

TikTok has been foaming at the mouth since one user alleged that Starbucks prioritized mobile orders. According to the post, Starbucks fulfills mobile and third-party app orders before those of the "people that are standing and waiting right in front of them." The post also shows nearly a dozen unclaimed Starbucks drinks waiting at the pick-up counter.

One barista gave some credence to this theory in the comments, writing, "At my work, we have to do the mobiles before anything because those people have already paid." However, the vast majority of comments attacked the post, with many people pointing out that drinks are made in the same order they're received. Another barista said, "I made drinks how they appeared on my screen. If your drink was behind my mobile orders, I don't know what to tell you."

Countless others suggested that the original poster should also order via the Starbucks mobile app if they want their drink made "faster." They implied that if you placed your order before you leave your house or on your way to Starbucks and your drink could be ready and waiting for you upon your arrival.