What Starbucks Employees Wish Customers Knew About Its Breakfast Sandwiches

You walk into Starbucks with the sole intention of ordering a vanilla latte on your way to work. But then, while you're waiting in line, your eyes drift over to the display case stocked with delicious treats like fluffy loaves of pumpkin bread, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and spinach egg white wraps. Suddenly hungry, you decide to order something with some staying power — a breakfast sandwich.

The popular coffee chain has a variety of breakfast sandwiches available, like the double-smoked bacon, cheddar, and egg sandwich or the vegan-friendly Impossible breakfast sandwich. They're a hit among many customers, with Statista reporting that food sales make up about $4 billion of Starbucks' revenue. If you're stopping in your local Starbucks for a drink, it may be worth snagging a bite to eat while you're there. But before you step up to the counter, there's one important thing that your barista wants you to know about the breakfast sandwiches. Here's what to keep in mind the next time you go to order.

You can't customize Starbucks breakfast sandwiches

While there are plenty of Starbucks breakfast sandwiches to choose from, sometimes you may want something slightly different — a.k.a. you might want the bacon, egg, and cheese without, well, the bacon or you may want to swap cheddar for gouda cheese. Sadly, that isn't something your barista can do. According to Starbucks employees, the breakfast sandwiches come pre-made so they can't customize your order to your liking. On a Reddit thread, many current and former employees note that customers often try to personalize their sandwiches, but it's impossible. 

"I get asked about once a week if we make our own food mostly the breakfast sandwiches," one person says. While another adds, "They literally come in plastic wrappers." One user even describes the food as "glorified 'Hot Pockets.'" It may be inconvenient as a customer, but it's likely to make it easier on the baristas during busy hours and to cut down on your waiting time when you want something fast. "Starbucks' breakfast items are often pre-prepped to keep orders moving in stores and in the drive-thru," Good Housekeeping explains.