Goldfish Drops 10.75-Inch Hand-Bowl In Boban Marjanović Collab

Pick up a handful of some bright orange Goldfish crackers and you'll be instantly transported back in time. For many people, childhood wouldn't be complete without an after school Goldfish cracker snack. While we can look back fondly at Goldfish, the snack has been swimming down the snack aisle since the 1960s (per Campbell's). Goldfish launched with a few flavors, including salted, cheese, barbecue, smokey, and pizza. The now-iconic cheddar cheese flavor didn't burst onto the scene until four years after the original launch. With several flavor options, Goldfish has broadened its fan base from kids to adults as well. In order to cater to the adult consumer, Goldfish launched jalapeño popper crackers. In addition to adding some spicier flavors, the brand has launched a slew of new products to appeal to its diverse audience.

Goldfish offers customers a flavor-blasted line of crackers for an extra dose of seasoning and flavor, Baby Goldfish for younger snackers, and even adult-sized Mega Bites crackers for adults with an appetite. With so many options to choose from, there's a chance that you'll be doing a lot of snacking to try them all. Luckily, Goldfish has created a bowl just for the occasion.

Goldfish partners with an NBA star

Goldfish has announced it will partner with NBA star Boban Marjanović for the brand's newest release. Marjanović is a center for the Houston Rockets and known for his gigantic hands. His hand length is a whopping 10.75 inches long, making his hands the largest in the league. While he can impressively handle a basketball, the real feat is that his hand can hold 301 Goldfish crackers. 

In a nod to Marjanović's ability, the cracker brand is releasing a Goldfish x Boban Hand Dish, which is a perfect replica of Marjanović's hand turned into a bowl, big enough to hold 301 Goldfish crackers — about an entire bag's worth, and ensuring you won't go hungry while watching the game.

Want to snag one of the bowls for yourself? On March 1, fans can head to to try and get their hands on the limited edition bowl. The bowl is part of the brand's Go For The Handful campaign, in which Marjanović has starred alongside Tobias Harris in Goldfish commercials (per NBA and YouTube). A new Goldfish ad with Marjanović will also drop on Sunday, February 19 during the NBA All-Star Game.