Costco Is Selling A Spicy Sushi Platter Just In Time For The Super Bowl

Whether or not you're much of a football fan, the Super Bowl is always a great excuse for a midwinter get-together. In fact, it's actually turned into the second-biggest food holiday of the year, and Super Bowl buffets could be considered the finger food version of Thanksgiving. Generally, Super Bowl fare tends to revolve around the tasty trio of wings, pizza, and nachos, with possible forays into barbecue, chips and dips, and football-shaped cookies. If you want to offer an option for guests who prefer something just a bit healthier, though, have you ever considered sushi?

No, we're not suggesting you make the stuff yourself, perish the thought. We do have plenty of options for DIY-ers looking for Super Bowl recipes, but anything so tricky is best outsourced to knowledgeable professionals. The ones in Costco's fish department apparently had some ideas for the big game. This year, Costco is looking to reel in shoppers whose party guests are sushi lovers, especially if they prefer things with a hint of heat.

Two items on the sushi party platter may be somewhat spicy

According to Costco blogger CostContessa, Costco's sushi is made fresh in-store and the party platter size may include a generous 32 pieces. This should be enough to feed ... who knows, they're your guests so you could estimate better than we can. Let's just say several people, or maybe more if they've already filled up on pizza and wings. While many of Costco's offerings seem to come and go, as of a recent Instagram post, some stores are now featuring a new sushi party platter with a few interesting additions.

The latest Snowfox sushi party platter has a variety of different items, including such popular picks as salmon nigiri and California crunch rolls. Two of the options, however, seem designed to appeal to those who like things slightly spicy – both are California rolls, one topped with jalapeños and the other with mango and Tajin seasoning. These sushi platters weigh 38.1 ounces and are priced at $24.99 at the store pictured on Instagram, although it's possible that prices may vary at different Costcos. Should a person wish to serve sushi at their Super Bowl party, though, it's best to buy it on game day since fresh sushi doesn't last too long in the refrigerator.